Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Switch With Your Secretary Day

OK... it might be more than a day!

Another fun quicky.  Nothing really to say about the cap itself, but I have noticed that I tend to get a lot more traffic when I write a dirty cap.  Not that I write many 'clean' caps... but the dirtier, the more pageviews.  And if I combine a dirty cap, with a dirty pic, then that number grows even more.  For example, I would bet money that I would get even more pageviews, if her mouth were ON the cock.

So I guess you could say that I'm running a little experiment.  Not only am I writing up these quick caps, I'm also looking at what 'works'.  And I don't really mind being pigeonholed as a dirty cap maker.   Suits me fine.  It doesn't mean that I won't make a nice sweet loving cap when I feel the urge, it just means I know that it won't go over as well.


  1. I will click on pretty much any post you make, since I am a big fan of TG discussion, and love reading and writing about caption creation insight.

    So, me personally, am not specifically clicking on links looking for smut!

  2. I like lots of your captions anyway... but clearly many of your audience are naughty sluts who enjoy the sight of deliciously dirty goings on.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that of course!

  3. Caitlyn's,

    I think we all have figured out "sex sells" at this point :)

    I think it's generally to the detriment of good caption-writing, but it is what it is...

    A caption with a naked bimbo getting taken in all of her holes with 3 lines of text will always get more page views, and generally more positive comments as well.. than a well-composed, well-thought out, well-written and presented transformation caption of any type :)

    It depends on who you audience is... If you want to please the masses, get tons o followers and comments, then create hardcore sex-caps, story optional :)

    Now about THIS caption... (hold on, while I climb off of my soapbox)... Ahem.. I LIKE it :)

    Short and to the point with an honest-to-gosh funny twist at the end...

    I agree that if the cock was IN her mouth, you'd get more hits/comments, but sacrifices must be made...

    Well Done!

    P.S. I rarely even click on X-rated cappies... but it's Caitlyn... Glad I did :)

    Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog

  4. Thank you for the kind words ladies!

    Unless I am writing a cap for a specific person (which is most of my older caps), I write for two audiences. Me, and my fellow cap artists. Now my interests generally lie in the dirtier, XXX area. Its where my fantasies lie, and it's a big part of getting my creative engine going. But the design, and the urge to make something look good is for the other artists. The only problem here is that about half of my cap artist friends enjoy dirty caps, while the other half don't.

    With this cap in particular, it was thought of, and implemented purely as a test to see what viewership does. I only had about 45 minutes to make a cap, and I don't like to limit myself on time. On a normal day, I wouldn't have made a cap. If I 'got into' making it, it could easily take more than 45 minutes. The process for this was: Find a dirty picture. Write a dirty story. Do a basic design. Post.

    I didn't put any particular emphasis on writing a good story. And I think this story is really lacking. I mean it can be summed up as 'guy swaps body with his secretary and has to suck cock until he is good at it'. Bleh. The picture is nice, and the design isn't bad, but the story just doesn't have any soul.

    The results of this little experiment? I did get a surge in page views, but not a lot. According to Blogger's stats, 'Making it Right' had a peak of 404 page views, and got about 1300 in its first 24 hours. 'Switch With Your Secretary Day' peaked at 323 page views, and got around 1000 in its first 24 hours.

    Now that is a bit higher than a normal 'clean' cap for me. Clean caps seem to hit a high around 250-300 page views, and average about 900 in the first 24 hours. I'm happy though... it seems that sex does indeed 'sell', but well written sex sells better.

    And to Steffi directly... I have no problem with people seeking page views, followers, and comments. I'm just not one of them. Don't get me wrong, I feel good when people do view, follow and comment. But it's not a goal of mine. I write and create what I like. That way I know that the people that DO view, follow and comment really like what I'm putting out.

  5. Caitlyn,

    I wasn't suggesting that YOU were a person "seeking page views", I was just describing what such a person posts and why :)