Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LtSL: Friends

Even sissies need friends

I wanted to make a quick cap and when I saw this image I just imagined a new sissy being comforted by an older more experienced sissy.  The story was kind of fun, but I didn't really get any more out of it as my mind is racing recently.  So I just wrote up a quick 'Sissy Life' caption out of it instead.

The reason my mind is racing is that I took my licencing exam yesterday.  As you may recall the last time I took the test, I got 265 questions which is the maximum.  I later found out that I did not pass (but getting that many questions means I also didn't technically fail).

So between then and now I've been studying.  Not a lot of studying though.  I just couldn't get my head wrapped around WHAT to study.  The information sent to me said that I was near passing in almost every category in the test.  Which I gook as 'Study Everything'.  But you just don't study 2 years worth of material in a few weeks and do any good.

So when I went to take the test this time I felt just about as 'prepared' as I did last time.  Seeing as I didn't pass last time, I also felt less confident in passing.  I actually told a friend as I was leaving for the test that "I am fine with failing.". I HAD to convince myself of this so that if I DO fail I won't fall off a cliff of depression and anger like I did last time.

So considering that it's a Computer Adaptive test there is a minimum of 75 Questions and a maximum of 265.  You can pass in any number between those just as easily as you can fail in any number between those. As I didn't have any 'AH!!! I now understand it!!!' moments in studying I figured I would take around 150 to 180 questions.

So when the computer turned off at 75 questions... well it scared the hell out of me.  I don't feel that the questions were 'hard', but I'm wouldn't really know how to judge it.  Not thinking they're hard could mean that they WERE hard, but I was just answering them correctly and that I therefore passed.  It could also mean that they WEREN'T hard, and that I was getting easy questions wrong and that I therefore failed.

I'll get the results in a day or so and probably make a post about just that.

In the meantime... enjoy the cap!


  1. I still think that test is administered in a needlessly complicated way. Since I didn't know you were going to take the test, I'll have to wish you luck retroactively. Good Luck! I'm sure you did great. I doubt you would fail with the absolute minimum number of questions after barely falling short the last time you took the test.

    Its short, but its a super sweet cap! I agree a sissy needs at least one sissy friend. Someone who doesn't stand above them in the social order. They can comfort and confide in each other, and share their experiences so they both become better sissies.

    1. I agree that the test is incredibly complicated and almost impossible to realistically prepare for as there is no way to make a realistic 'practice' test. But it's better than the alternative. When my aunt took her test it was take over two days, and the results took months to get back. I'll take this heart/head ache over that.

  2. I agree with Kyra. As I understand it, you have to get a certain percentage right to pass and conversely, when you hit a certain percentage wrong you have failed. There is probably a grey area where you did well enough to NOT FAIL, but not good enough to PASS.

    I don't want to get your hopes up, but for you to have failed with that few questions does seem odd.

    I mean, statistically an answer is either right or wrong which means its a "heads or tails" proposition. so if you flipped a coin 75 times, its just as likely for it to be heads 70 times as it is to be heads 20 times. The more repetitions given makes it more likely to even out in a 50-50 shot.

    So mathematically, you COULD have gotten all 75 questions wrong and you STILL could've gotten to 265 questions as, since you could technically get the next 190 right and have a 70 percent average.

    Then again, I don't know quite all the ins and outs of the text. Good Luck anyway!

    1. I wish it were that simple Dee and it were only a matter of getting a certain percentage of correct answers. But the way the test works is that everyone will get about 50% wrong.

      The way the test works is that when you get a question wrong, you next get an 'easier' question. When you get a question right, you then get a 'harder' question. When you reach the balancing point of one wrong, one right, one wrong, one right, it looks at the level of difficulty you are at. If that level of difficulty is deemed 'competent' then you pass. If it falls too low, then you fail. And if it is in the grey area between those, you will continue to get questions up to 265 (which is where I was last time).

      So... yes. You can fail in 75 questions just as easily as you can pass in 75 questions.

  3. I cant wait to hear about the results. And do you know why I cant wait? Because I KNOW you rocked it! I KNOW IT!! No special magical insight, just a feeling. (Holdingbreathhere)!

  4. God Caitlyn! That is so hot! But now I must know. Did you pass the test?

    Kissy kiss,


    1. Thanks Leeanne!

      Yes, I did pass the test. I am now a Registered Nurse. Hopefully I'll be getting a job soon and putting that license into practice!