Friday, June 1, 2012

Monthly Report - May 2012

Serving up 234,149/156,125 Page Views!
Welcome to the May 2012 Monthly Report.  I may not be feeling as creative or cappy as I want, but I always like looking at numbers!

So first, May's big numbers:

  • Total Page Views:  234,149/156,125
  • Total Visits: 40,316 (Averaging 5.81 views per visit)
  • 36,253 Visits were from refferals
  • 2,989 Visits were direct traffic
  • 1,074 found their way here via search
    • Common search terms were: caitlyns masks, cum diet, fuskator, and bodysuit transformation
May was very similar to April and is now my second biggest month.  Which makes sense.  I was on pace to match (and maybe even surpass) April's numbers until I stopped posting on the 28th.  Just a couple of 'big' days would have done it.  

The five most viewed caps of during May were:

My particular favorites (in no particular order) this month were:

  • For you Baby - 5,150
    • I think this is (design wise) my best 'Kinetic Text' caps.  Story wise "Earning A Name" is better, but I like the way the text came out in For you Baby better.  

  • What Will He See? - 1,369
    • This one wasn't popular, but I really like the image and the little manipulation I made for it.  The story is a nice quick hit that leaves a lot to the imagination. 

  • The Devil Came On To Georgia - 1,761
    • I thought the story 'worked' in this one, and I just had a blast playing around with the title graphic.  

  • From Best Friend to Girlfriend - 2,441
    • The story was the key to this one for me.  I've actually come back to read it as the whole part of them watching porn together keeps me squirming!

I was surprised to see that my two top caps this month were both from challenges.  It's not as though I think I have a monopoly on story ideas... but neither of these would have come to my mind.  The design for both was very simple and in all honestly a little 'lacking'.  And speaking of design, I find that "Unexpected Body Swap - A Design Experiment" got so many page views to be funny too.  The story in that one was really not my normal style and I didn't think it was good.  The whole idea behind the cap was to play with the text layout, so the story (in my mind) could have just been a paragraph of lorem ipsum.  But then again, it did receive a lot of comments and the post itself kept changing as I added more designs.  

I did do a little more design work to the blog.  It bothered me that the side panels were so narow, so I widened the entire blog to 1100 pixels, and the side bars to 275 pixels each.  Widening the blog made my banner graphics to small, so I had to edit them to fit.  And as long as I was editing them I took out some that just didn't fit to me.   The banners removed are:

I hated seeing the stockings image go, but it didn't match the design I had on all the others.  and while I love the masks in the latter two banners, they just never held my interest.  In fact I would find myself clicking the banners just to load up a new one when they came up.   

I had a nice discussion about an infection I got (and am currently dealing with) here and got a lot of well wishes there too.  I made a cap ("The Treatment") that I thought ended up bad, but ended up being the 11th most viewed cap in May at 2,568 page views.  Had a cap ("Justine Justice") where the discussion turned into how a person could best get DNA from someone (seems licking them might be the best way). 

Overall in May I posted 26 caps and a total of 32 posts.  I know that this level of activity is mainly due to me not working all that much and no longer going to school.  I hope you don't take it the wrong way, but I hope to NOT have that much time available when I start working full time.  But as I won't be taking my \Licensing exam until June 19th now (thanks foot infection for making me push that off!), it looks like June will leave me with plenty of capping time.  


  1. I'm glad to hear you're recovering well! I hope your getting plenty of rest, but also studying for that exam! Best of luck when you retake it! (Which I'll wish you again closer to the date so you'll have even more luck.)

    I really enjoy these looks into your blogs metrics, etc. Always funny to see what has the most views compared to what you think your best is.

  2. Interesting stuff. I have a profesional question but not one that I can post on here. Is there another way to contact you?

  3. Kind of creepy that I'm on just as you post this.. but you can always send me something in the 'ask caitlyn a question' area, if you are on rachel's haven you can send me a pm there, oryou can send me an email at caitlynmased at gmail dot com.

    1. Ok I sent you an e-mail. And yes that is kind of creepy that we were on at the same time.