Tuesday, June 5, 2012


We're all prisoners to something.

Ok... so I was looking for something a little 'smuttier' to cap.  But when I saw this image I just HAD to cap it.  This didn't just whisper a story to me, it shouted it at me.  And to be honest, I'm not sure exactly what caught me so strongly, or even made me think of this story.

But I only ignore these strong urges at my own peril.  I started writing and writing and writing.  the only issue I had with the story was its length.  I had to make small cuts here and there and ultimatly edited out about a paragraph worth of text.  All of the story is still there, but some of the extra details have been shortened up.

While writing the story out, it felt very natural to make this Jennifer.  Maybe its just seeing her on YIM recently, or writing about how we chatted.... maybe its just that I owe her a couple for some great caps she made me recently.   To be honest, this isn't the type of story I would think of when specifically making a cap for her.  If I had intended to make a cap specifically for her and saw this image I imagine I would write up about how she was turned into a slave and had to present herself up here as a punishment.  I don't know what the twist at the end would be... maybe she loves showing off her new sexy body?

But the more I think about it, the more I think Jennifer will like it.  I mean what's a prison if not a form of slavery?  The two step process of finding out that she loves her body... loves it enough to stay instead of gaining her freedom... and then succumbing to that sexy body's inner desires.  To be used by colleagues and friends who knew exactly what and who she was.  Friends that enslaved her to a whore's life just to avoid serving some time.

In fact... the more I think of it in those terms, the more I like it myself!  I hope you do too!


  1. Certainly a more powerful prison than any steel bars or concrete walls could make. I'm sure living with you and Smitty just makes it all the more tortuous/enjoyable.

    Ps. I love the little reflection of heaven

  2. I think you gone and nailed it this time Caitlyn, you lend such a profound sensation of emptiness when not trying to achieve what you want, and being trapped in that prison, self imposed or made up from nowhere. This was touching, really, really touching. I just felt that way :)

    Btw you seems to strike the hot conversations with Jennifer, when we talk she's always playing the girlish joking girly girl! :P must be that I drive her into that state!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. The betrayal, the months of teasing, getting aroused at the thought, despite my self.. and of course the twist that makes me realize what I want, I love it! It both had a squirm factor, and a very sexy end.

    Thank you so much for making it! and I like how you reversed the title in the mirror.

    @ Alectra.

    I recall a few steamy chats here and there.. *giggle*

  4. I'm glad that you liked it Jennifer. It really isn't the standard I would normally make for you, so I was a little nervous about that.

    And I'm glad that you noticed the title. I spent FAR to much time on that, trying to get it to look more like a reflection and not just a mirroed image. I didn't want to draw attention to it just in case it didn't look good!

  5. This is absolutley delicious!!!

  6. Wow Caitlyn,
    Another fantastic cap. I loved the Prison/Heaven at the end. It's the kind of detail that makes your captions so erotic.

  7. Flawlessly executed, as always... The layout/colors match the tone perfectly, and the STORY is seductive and sensual as hell... What a beautiful prison :)