Sunday, June 24, 2012

Winning the Argument

No one wants to lose an argument

So I was in the mood to cap and I swear I wanted to do something a little more smutty.  But when I saw this image... well... I just HAD to cap it.  The look of wanton desire on her face drove me to cap.  The initial idea I had was a curse or something.  It changes a man into a woman for 24 hours but he'll change back so long as he doesn't pleasure himself.  This pic is set a year later and he can't stop pleasuring himself.  The kicker would be that he's contemplating seducing his friend into fucking him... that way he won't need to pleasure himself.  

But as I got writing it out, it just felt like a simple joke.  A set up explaining how he got this way (the last version I had going was a family curse... his 'mother' never beat the curse), and then the punch line of him contemplating screwing his friend.  It was just flat.  And it didn't feel lovely like the picture.

So on a whim I started over.  It wouldn't be a curse, but instead an argument where a roaming genie or witch transformed him to settle the argument.  And really once I got that down, the story flowed out a lot smoother.  I felt that the story still had a nice cadence and I still got the joke of him considering having sex with a friend.  And it felt more lovely.  Design wise I wanted to keep the focus on the image so the background is a lot flatter than I normally like to use.  And I have to tell you, that making a pallet of almost completely unsaturated images is just a pain in the ass.  I must have fiddled with the text boxes a dozen times before I was happy that they weren't too saturated.  


  1. I think it looks very nice and the story is top notch! It's a shame though that I don't get to prove her wrong.. again and again and again... *giggle*

    I wonder what would happen if she umm.. *cough* took matter's into her own hands and plucked her flower her self.. with out a man. Hmm.

    But what I'm really curious about, is where are all those damn roaming genie's and witches when you need them?

  2. I really like the contrast of this caption. A beautiful design and elegant image, paired with a story that's pretty much a big joke about how stubborn guys can be even when they're not a guy any more. Well done.

  3. Great cap Caitlyn! It looks amazing with the monochrome look, the visual is stunning and the story is first rate. I do feel bad for Jeremy, he should get to have some fun eventually, but I guess sex really does end when marriage begins!

  4. You DO have a knack for finding the most stunningly EROTIC source pics :)

    The story is a nice change from the typical magic/curse, the layout is beautiful, and I obviously ADORE the piccie :)

    Awesome work!