Monday, June 25, 2012

The Workshop

Workshops make us all better!

I saw this image a few days ago while I was working on "Maybe Today", but while an idea came to me it just felt flat.  I pictured a friend conning his buddy into attending a Domination seminar with him in the hopes of making his buddy more self confident.  But while there his buddy goes into the wrong session and gets transformed into a slave for the demonstrations.

It had a little squirm but not really what I was looking for.  I'm not complaining as I do like "Maybe Today".  But for some odd reason I thought of something Jennifer said recently... the thought of being taught as a submissive sissy along side someone who is being taught as a dominant sissy.  The idea always stuck with me but I never saw an image that really worked for it.

But putting this image with that idea (with of course a few minor tweaks) seemed to work really well.  The story wrote itself fairly easily.  Almost too easily!  While writing it I only intended for there to be two or three 'classes' that matched up like this, and I wanted to put them into the story itself.  But I kept the list of classes on the side as I was writing and I kept adding more and more and more.

The design is a little clunky because of all the classes, but I think the idea still gets across how I intended it.  I think its pretty good and leaves just enough room for the squirm factor to build up to everyone's own personal fantasy.


  1. Very sexy, I love it when people add the "progress logs" into the cap as well as the story, it just adds that extra "ummppphf".

  2. Mmmmm I can't wait to take DOM 304... Sounds really exciting! And this could lead to so many more caps! Great idea Caitlyn! Great Cap!

  3. I remember saying that! it was for a cap you helped me with, the one with the girl in a cage and you edited the photo tied to the cage. I really loved that idea, and to see it here in a different scene is just great!

    I'm glad you added so many classes, you can picture little snap shots of each of their training, as she is well on her way to becoming a "good girl".

    And What's better then getting sold out by your best friend and then trained to be his obedient sex slave!? Not much, I tell you that! *giggle*