Friday, August 10, 2012

Keeping Up with the Changes

Do try to keep up!

So most days I have the urge to cap.  It might not be a strong urge, and it might not lead to me capping, but the urge DOES show up.  But the last two days there was absolutely nothing.  So when I woke up this morning with that little itch, I jumped on the chance.  I knew that I owed Angel (Cassandra at the Haven) a cap, but I didn't want any preferences getting in the way of putting something out.  Not that Angel has hard preferences... but still any roadblock or diversion could be enough to make this feeling fizzle away unrealized.

I headed over to Fuskator and ended up with a couple intriguing choices.  A couple of the images came with a story in mind:

A guy loves a girl so much that he transforms himself into her twin

A guy ends up on a fantasy island of sorts and wonders why his fantasy of a woman doesn't come true... until he takes a late evening swim.

Hey dude.  I had a rough day at work.  I hope you don't mind that I had a glass of that wine you were saving for your girlfriend.  Where did you find a wine called 'Blonde Bimbo Vineyards'?

Now none of these ideas were fully formed, but I thought I could make any of them work.  Maybe not the last one.... it seemed like a one trick pony with no story to build around the zinger.  But all the others could work.  But the last image... that one caught my eye more visually:

It wasn't just that it was far smuttier than any of the other images that caught my eye (although that certainly helped I'm sure!), it was the way it was cropped.  I used to crop images in a similar way... taking out everything that wasn't related to the story, and this was was cropped just like that.  I especially loved the way it was so close to her face.  

The only problem with it was that no story came immediately to mind. I must have looked at all four of these images for 10 minutes.  Each time I looked at the first three I'd add in some little detail to the story.  The first one was becoming a story of a man slowly going insane as he tried to become the girl that spurred him.  The second was becoming a story of desperation.  How he tried everything to get the boy he knew he should have been born with.  The third... well I was still stuck on 'Blonde Bimbo Vineyards'.  

But the fourth... the only thing that came to mind was writing it from the guy's perspective and having him wish that the transformation happened to him.  I finally decided to work on that idea... the image would make a better cap that the others if I could just flesh out the story a bit more.  

I wrote out the first two paragraphs pretty quickly.  When I went back to read them (hoping that something I wrote would inspire a better ending) I realized that with just a few changes, it could be read from 'her' perspective as well.  

At that moment it all came together.  I would write the story in an ambiguous enough way so that people would see it as from the transformed guy's perspective.  And then in the last paragraph give it away as from the other person's perspective.  And for some odd reason when I had that thought, I wanted to make it for Angel.  Not only do I think she would enjoy the image, but she likes new stories, and new ways of telling them (just check out her comic re-caps, and her Cap Libs).  

So before I continued writing on this new path I wandered back to the Haven and made sure that this story would follow along with Angel's preferences. I was already fairly sure that this wouldn't go against anything she has, but I had already made her a cap involving bondage which she isn't a huge fan of.  She was OK with that one... but I still want to make her something that fits her better. 

I didn't see anything outside of her preferences beyond the hair color.  Angel prefers blondes (although she says she's not too picky there).  So I finished writing it up and worked on the design.  That's when I realized that the image's perspective was so different that it could easily work in many different ways.  

I hate to cut this short, but I've been stuck at this point for about a half hour.  Just like that and without any warning, my mood for capping and even writing about capping has disappeared.   

I hope you enjoy the cap!


  1. What a magnificent spell! I would love to e kept abreast of any further developments ;)

    I guessed from the beginning that the guy was the narrator (not sure why), but the ambiguity did have me second guessing my first instinct as I read further. I'm sorry to hear you're suffering from a capping malaise. Is there something about the summer that saps te capping spirit?

  2. i love hearing you describe the creative process that you go through Caitlyn. Very interesting.



  3. Oh Caitlyn, would you mind terribly if I used that bimbo vineyards picture? It has given me ideas.

    1. By all means Kyra, use whatever images you want. It's one of the reasons I post them in their raw format. If I had an idea that I planned for an image I might not share it. And even if I did have a plan for one that I posted, I wouldn't mind at all if someone else made a cap from it.

    2. Many thank yous! I figured it would be okay, but thought I'd make sure