Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sensitivity Training

Graduation was never so close!

This cap was more of me playing around a bit with design rather than a well told story.  I say this as I had the image cropped, sized and the title in place before I even wrote a single word of the story.  I was actually looking for an image to use in a cap for realfield ad this set caught my eye.  The image that said 'Alpha Male training his new sissy' was actually this image:

It's erotic, smutty, and with his hand behind her head, very controlling.  Perfect for an Alpha Male story.  But while the image is perfect... it didn't inspire anything other than an Alpha Male pulling in his newly trained and transformed sissy in for a BJ.  I didn't get a why, or any creative hook that I could base the story on.

While I was considering it, another image caught my eye from the same set:

I was actually swapping emails with Britney about the ins and outs of sissy/male caps and how I often will struggle with 'willing' captions.  It's just not my default position and requires more effort on my part.  But this image just screamed out 'willing' to me.

Now one thing to know about looking at images, is that I tend to do it at Fuskator.  I love fuskator because they have full (or at least large) sets of images, and display them at full size.  I can quickly decide if the image will be too small to work with.  But on larger images, I can only view the entire image if I open it up in a new tab and let Chrome size it to fit.  These images were certainly in that group, as I couldn't view the full image at once... I had to scroll up and down or open them up in a new tab.

So with that in mind, I was scrolling up and down, looking at all the little details in the image, and seeing if any of them spoke to me.  'His' expression worked as he seemed both pleased and patient to let his 'girl' kiss him on the belly.  The fact that her lips were so pursed and her nose was touching him worked.  Her hand on his crotch.  Her knee betwen his legs.  the heels she had on as opposed to the work boots 'he' was wearing. These are normally details that I'll grab on to and flow from.

So I took some of these ideas and tried to write them out.  I had the very vague idea on how 'he' spent all his money to make 'her' perfect.  It didn't go anywhere really so I closed Word without saving and looked back at the image.  When I went back though, this is what I saw:

I new that she was still kissing his belly.. but it took on a whole new tone without seeing either of their expressions.  Her hand which seemed loving before now comes across as worried or shocked even.  Her body looks more tense... in other words it now looked more UNwilling than willing.  To my knowlege, the only cap I've made that I actually cropped a face out of was one I made for Dee called "How To Cop A Plea".  It made me wonder if I could make a cap like that again.

So I pulled the image into Photoshop and cropped it down to what I saw in the browser.  The design and layout part of my brain was running full steam, so I decided to just work with that before I tried to make a story.  I figured if nothing else it would be a 'partial' cap.  Part of what was going on in the back of my head was the comments that I received for "Stop Clowning Around".  Specifically how I had worked the drawings into the background.  I didn't think there was anything I could do here, but I could make the title fit into the background.   Make it look like it was behind her and the couch.

To do that though, I obviously needed a title to work with.  I really don't know where 'Sensitivity Training' came from, but I felt that it wold work as a title.  So I threw the words onto the image and played around with the font a bit.  I liked the font that I used as the they lined up and looked like they were one bit instead of two words (specifically where the g in training met the y in sensitivity).  I placed them where I wanted, then incrased their size until it was just over her shoulder and the top of the couch.  I then rasterized the text layers so that I could 'erase' the portions that were over 'her' and the couch.  I colored it i the same tone as the wall (but obviously a lot lighter) and then sat back and enjoyed what I had done.

I really liked the title, event though it is a little hard to realize the last letter is a g.  Now I just needed to write up a story that somehow utilized 'sensitivity training'.  It probably took me about an hour to write this out.  the creativity just wasn't flowing and making a good story, so I feel that I left a lot out of the story.  But it met my goal of fitting into the space I wanted.   With that story in place, all I had to do was a little more cropping to take out the empty space behind 'him'.

As an overall cap, I think this is OK.  The story is too weak to be a 'good' cap, but I'm very happy with the layout and design.


  1. Oh. I think she would. And I think she did. Lucky sissy

  2. Much like seeing a sexy ass beneath a tight mini dress (or rock hard abs under a t-shirt) obscuring part of the erotic image sometimes makes the imagine that much more err "squirmy" (as mentioned on other blogs) ;) This cap is a great example of it. Wonderful creation here.

  3. Weekend seminar's on anal and fellatio is where I lost it! It's the kind of training I just love to read and roleplay about! A strict schedule and regimen that enforces everything they want out of you, out of every second of every hour! Mmm.. Loved it!