Monday, August 27, 2012

Collaboration Round 2

It worked great last time!
After how well the previous Collaboration went over, I figured it couldn't possibly hurt to give it another go.

Just like the previous time, I'm putting up these images because they inspired an idea in me, but I couldn't get it written out as a story.  I gave it a good try and was honestly close on the 2nd image, but after about an hour of writing badly, I figured it was time to throw my hands up and let all of you take a swing.

Now you may have noticed that I'm mentioning two images.  Yup, you guessed it, I have two images with ideas to propose.

First up:

When I saw this image, it felt almost too easy.  I mean come on... school girl with one girl blindfoled and seemingly being 'used' by the others?  But as I looked at the image a little longer, I actually went in a slightly less obvious direction.  My idea instead of centering around the blindfolded blonde girl actually focused on the girl with the dark short hair.  The one opening the blonde girl's blouse.  

A young (18 years old as there may be some hanky panky here) boy gets sent to an exclusive boarding school for his senior year of high school.  It's his last chance as he's been thrown out of several schools and is on the verge of not graduating.  His parents make it clear that if he doesn't graduate, he will be thrown out on his own.  The school is set up to change bad boys into good girls.  Here we see him with several of his classmates as he marvels at an early graduate.  He realizes all the stuff they told him is true, as he can't pull his surprised eyes from the breasts that this new graduate has.  

Now I pictured this written as an inner monologe.  More or less following this style; 'Oh damn they were't exaggerating.  I can't believe John... er... Johanna really graduated early and they went through with it.  He now has real breasts and not just these silicon breast forms glued to his chest every morning.  They feel so real... but does this mean to graduate I have to have implants myself?  What about the hormone treatments....'

The second image I found after I petered out on the above story.  What I tried to do was think of the next cap I owe.  It's to Realfield, so my mind immediately went to Alpha Male dominating a man into a sexy sissy.  Here's the image that got me going down that path:

Obviously from this angle, it's clear that this is late in the transformation process.  Most of my 'Alpha Male' caps have the sissy still possessing her 'clitty' and balls.  But that is a sweet sweet pussy between her thighs.  The thought I had was this:

John thought he was special.  He was a member of the exclusive Alpha Club in Chicago and could have any woman he wanted.  The only exception was another Alpha's girl.  But when he saw Jennifer, he couldn't help himself and took her from Charles.  Charles was naturally upset and with the help of several other Alphas put John through the processes.  Here we see John several months later getting shown off by Charles in front of the entire club, including his new room mate... Jennifer.  

The way I pictured this story though was of 'Johanna' going over in her head how everyone was wrong.  That any man could be turned into an Alphas girl.  She would go over the story of John in her head as she shows her submission to Charles, and only at the end of the story would it be revlealed that she WAS John.  

Now obviously there are several differences between my last call for help and this Collaboration.  Obviously I have two images to pick from.  But I also included links to their full galleries.  I know I had several issues with the length of several caps last time... so if your story is long this time (and it fits with other images in the gallery) I can make them multipanel caps.  In fact, if you have other specific images you would like used in our cap, just indicate which one (notice at the bottom of each image is a number like 2/14 for the first image  I picked or 11/15 for the second image I picked).  

Just like last time, I am looking for stories.  If you have a great 'idea' for a cap and want to share it, I'll gladly read it, but I probably won't move forward with just an idea.  That's where my trouble lies is taking an 'idea' and making it into a 'story' for a cap.  And while I put up my ideas, you don't have to run with them.  If you want to write a story for the first image where the subject is the blonde instead of the short haired brunette, then go with it!  If you look at the second image and see a man cursed to be his buddies sex slave instead of the idea in the alpha club, then I'd be happy to put that story into cap form!

The one thing I won't do though is make a racist cap.  I know the man in the second image is black, but I don't want to even read a story about a black gangsta talking like a gang banger as he shows 'the man' who's really the 'mastah', or anything like that.  I look at the person as just simply having a different skin tone... nothing more.  And if his race isn't mentioned in the cap... then that's perfect. 

So with those images in mind... show me what you got, and thank you so much for helping me out!

UPDATE 09/14/2012:

I have now finished all the caps for this series of collaborations.  I want to send out a huge thank you for everyone participating    I think all the stories were great as well as the resulting caps.  Here is a breakdown of what we did:

The Finishing Touch


Witch's Needs

Joining The Coven

Removing the Competition

Thanks again everybody.  I'm not sure if I'll be doing this again or not.  Right now I want to give myself some time to just try and make my own caps again.  If I don't find success at that, I'll give this another go!


  1. Not going to make one for these pictures as I've got nada in terms of ideas from them. But I'm commenting to say I think it's a really good idea and if I caught the first cap earlier I think I might have had a thing or two. Nobody picked up on the blindfold having weird tendrils (I know, just loose threads) coming out of it which could have been played on massively.

    1. Alice, thanks for posting. I can completely understand when an image just doesn't speak to you. I went through dozens of images that I enjoyed but didn't spark anything in me. I hope that if I do this again, that I'll pick an image that gives you a good starting place!

  2. I have put together a story loosely based in what you talked about and using the second image. My story follows and I caled it "The Finishing Touch".

    Johanna breathed in Alan’s musky aroma. At last she had escaped from those arrogant shits at the Alpha Club and found a man who she actually wanted to fuck her.
    It wasn’t that his cock was any bigger than those that had pumped in and out of her before. Instead it was that he had waited till she asked him and now had a concern for how she felt.
    This was a lesson that had taken an age to get through. The time it had taken for John to be taken by the men of the Alpha Club and turned into Johanna who was intended to be just another of their playthings as a punishment for stealing Charles’ girlfriend.
    They really had been convinced that Johanna was totally broken to the slave girl they desired. John had never appreciated the drama classes of his youth as much as he did as Johanna screaming out so realistically as she was drilled repeatedly by the biggest members member.
    The Alphas started to get careless and then Johanna spotted a chance. During a particularly bawdy function she was able to slip out. At the time there were more girls than members to serve, so they didn’t miss her for over an hour, but by that time Johanna was well away. Her payment for a ride hadn’t been pleasant, but she was hardly inexperienced.
    Having slipped back into normal society Johanna, using the name Rita, worked in a bar. She had just kept a low profile and didn’t date, the trouble was that going cold turkey was hard, and Rita was so darn horny.
    That was when Alan came into the bar and Rita got a shock, she actually fancied him. Even in her predicament Rita managed to keep her panties on for a whole week, though her vibrator took a hell of a pounding.
    Now tonight she had given in to her base desires and more or less begged Alan to fuck her brains out. After so long as a woman feeling dead inside now she felt so alive.

  3. As I had a spare half hour I have put together a caption for the first of the images. I have taken a very different approach to it with an F2M caption. I have called my effort "Removing The Copetition".

    The girls were getting fed up with Helen. She was behaving like a total slut and making out with all of the boys. Aside from the fact that Helen had fucked all of their boyfriends, they were really pissed off with her that she was setting unrealistic expectations among all of the males.
    That was why the small group of girls grabbed Helen and took her into Katie’s attic bedroom where they wouldn’t be disturbed. The confused girl was quickly blindfolded and then the girls got to work to a bit of a frenzy. Her unrealistically enhanced bobs were played with until she began to writhe and was starting to get sweaty.
    That was when Katie went and collected a golden dildo that was concealed under her mattress. A liberal coating of lubricant was applied to the cock shaped implement and it was moved to Helen’s rear entrance.
    The girl’s took turns to pump it in and out of Helen’s anus, driving her to even greater levels of excitement. She was frantic that she didn’t notice the changes to her body until her huge cock exploded cum across the room.
    Heath collapsed spent on the bed as the girls admired their handiwork. They were very happy, he was one of the most handsome men any of them had seen.
    Over time, while they were happy to have removed the unfair competition from Helen, a new type of copetition came as the girls battled over Heath.

  4. They finished the offering, and Bianca was "born". "Yesss." The word escaped through her clenched teeth in a low hiss. It had been almost two years since she had discovered what the three girls surrounding her were. He had stumbled across them deep in the woods one night, drawn by the eerie light of their witchcraft at work. The things he saw were incredible...unbelievable...and in that moment a plan began to take form in his mind. He realized that his dreams and desires were there...just beyond his fingertips. It wouldn't be easy. These girls were not genies or fairies...they weren't going to simply grant him a wish, that much was clear. They were witches... and a sense of wickedness emanated from their presence. This was going to be dangerous, take careful planning and flawless execution...but from the moment he realized it was possible to be the beautiful, powerful woman that lived in his dreams he knew he would walk to hell and back to make it happen. He had played the game so well that they never saw him pulling the strings. Now, at this moment...surrounded by Helena, the raven haired beauty... Miranda, the fiery temptress...and Circe the brown haired mistress of this moment, Bianca was drunk in her conquest. "God Yesss."she hissed again....PT 1

    1. As Helena pulled back Bianca's blouse to reveal her ample new breasts she thought back to the day that john had "accidentally" knocked on her dorm room door. "Hi, I'm Caitlyn in? She has some notes for me from Psych class." Helena smiled, "Caitlyn is just across the hall in 665...but she's in class for another hour of so, I'm Helena by the way." She noticed John staring at the glass of red wine that she held. "Would you like a glass?" she asked. "Ummm..sure, if you don't mind." he replied. She waved a hand and motioned him in. In the weeks and months that followed, the two spent more and more time together. She teased more and more secrets out of him, becoming his best and only friend before she introduced him to Miranda. She thought again of the moment that he had walked into her room and wondered if now Bianca knew that was the moment that had sealed her fate? "Yesss." She heard Bianca hiss and she smiled wickedly at the irony...PT2

    2. Miranda smiled smugly as she ran her hand beneath Bianca's breasts. Her thoughts wandered back to the night Helena had introduced her to John at the club. She knew that Helena had told him that the two girls were lovers...and when they hit the dance floor Miranda turned up the heat. They were like fire and he was the moth dancing around them, aching, desperate to get burned. She had ignored him the whole night and then just as they were calling it a night she had leaned in to him and whispered, breathy, her mouth on his ear, "If you wanna come play with us, you are gonna have to be our sexy little girl." Each time they got together, John had fallen deeper and deeper into the fem role, and each time she teased him with the promise of intimacy if he could just go a little farther. She introduced him to Circe as someone who could help him take that last step. She wondered if he knew he had surrendered his manhood moments into their first dance. "God Yesss." Bianca hissed.

    3. Circe grabbed Miranda's hair and sneered. She remembered when John had been brought before her in a short black dress and ankle boots, his hair long and styled, his nails and makeup flawless. "You think this makes you a girl??" she snarled. "Kneel."she said plainly. John stammered teary eyed, "I..I.." Circe moved like lightning striking his face with the back of her hand. "On.. your.. fucking.. knees.. bitch!" The look of submission on his face was unmistakable as he fell to his knees. Over the next several months the days and nights blended together in a symphony of pain and surrender. After John had ceased to exist, and before Bianca was born, Circe had begun to set up the ritual to bring to life the newest member of their coven. All was prepared when the three of them came together to make the offering and recite the incantation. Circe wondered if John had known that he had forfeited his soul with that first tear? "God Yesss." Bianca hissed.

    4. Bianca was stripped naked except for the blindfold when the other three began to chant. Involuntarily, she joined the incantation. Her mind reeled. The room grew hot and seemed to swarm with energy. A strange musky scent filled the air...and something else...what was that smell? The chanting stopped and everything went deathly still. Bianca whispered Helena. Bianca, whispered Miranda. Bianca, whispered Circe. The Master has come they all whispered in unison. They remover her blindfold revealing a a looming naked figure..a man ...but not a man...Bianca gasped. "Give yourself to him." they whispered. She looked on in terror. "Nooo!"she cried out. "Yesss." they hissed. They carried her and placed her before him on her knees...his massive erection brushed her lips. "Take him!" they whispered. She parted her lips and tasted his pure evil...a smile crossed her lips"Oh MY god YESSSS!!!" she hissed. As she surrendered herself to him completely.

    5. Well...I thought I would step out of my comfort zone of sweetness and go just a little bit to the dark side....Too much? It wasn't supposed to be so long but it just kept coming and it would have been easier to make it twice as long as half it's size...

  5. I'm sort of running with what you have and on the other hand taking my own twist on it. I'm thinking use both images together, sort of a before and after shot. I like your first idea so that's the one I'm going to try and run with. I'll leave the title to you if you decide to use my thoughts:D

    It's probably not that great of an idea but I'm giving it a shot just because I've seen what kind of magic you can do in Photoshop and I said I would try a different approach then with your first image which I think I also did a horrific job on.

  6. James couldn't belive Steven, now Stacy, was already getting out of this prison they call a school. Not that she didn't enjoy playing with a leggy blond but without his cock it just didn't feel the same. His hands still felt too small along with the weight of his forming breasts as the nano's played havok on his body's form. He figured if they could rewrite his genetic code it would be fast and painful not slow and methodical. As his form changed so did his thoughts as he was stuck in class from dawn till dusk
    learn all the basic boring things like math, english and science but also make-up, underwear and how to walk in heels. At first he was thankful for getting a break every other hour from the girly stuff to do something else but now he was starting to be more impatient in having to wait to talk about what was in the new Victoria's Secret catalog and how cute her new pumps were.

    That's where this tradition came from. Those boys just entering the school wanted nothing more then to shag these sexy little minx's all the time but were only given the opportunity when one of them was graduating. Since Stacy was getting out early to be put into her post graduation in New York they had to improvise to keep the tradition alive. So with Stacy's blindfold on Joanna and her classmates got a moments reprieve to pretend to be the boys they were before this year started and see where they would be
    in a few short months when the next batch of classmates would be arriving.

    =======This would be where the story jumps forward for our young brunette to a few months after her graduation======

    Fireworks went off in Joanna's head as her new client slid into her ass. She had just been at the Club for a few weeks now and was already starting to get regulars. Micheal had already been with her 4 times this week and every time he started by 'coming in the backdoor' as he'd say after his cock popped past that always tight ring of muscle.

    Joanna didn't minded though, it was starting to become one of her favorite holes to be filled when there was only one man to satisfy her needs. As he inched deeper into her she thought back on all the important things she had been taught in school before being found a position upon graduation and closed her eyes and moaned quietly to encourage her new friend to increase the pace and force he was driving into her. As he started to pull out he grabbed her hair and pushed back into her as he pulled her back to meet
    his thrust.

    Micheal was obviously in a hurry today by how he was pumping into her so biting her lip Joanna flexed her muscles a little to increase the friction and pushed back as hard as he was drilling into her. Encouraged by her efforts and wanting to stay the one in control he grabbed her ass and started to pull her into him as fast as he could.

    Within minutes he lost his load deep inside her and collapsed onto his side trying to catch his breath as Joanna spun around and did her duty swallowing his member to the root and giving it a tongue bath awaiting her next order. As he regained his composure and began to stiffen again he pulled her mouth away looking at her for a long moment.

    Getting dressed Micheal casually said, "Get your things, I've bought you from the Club to be mine and we're leaving shortly"

    Blinking in shock all Joanna could do was nod as she scurried about getting her lingerie together.

    As Micheal and his new pet left passing the front desk the receptionist had just finished filing an order for a new girl from the Alpha's School for Reformed Gurls.

    So there it is, love it, like it, hate it. Our heroine is on her way to a new life:D


  7. Here's what the first image brought to mind.

    "I was minding my own business. It was the first week of school and I was already buried under a pile of homework. There was a commotion down the hall and when I opened the door to check on it, these three guys came bursting in.

    Before I could protest, they had pinned me to the bed. They grabbed a pair of my stockings to blindfold me. I could tell they were concerned, but didn't sense that I was in danger. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rather than fight them, I kissed the palm of the hand covering my mouth. I pushed my breasts forward and spread my legs slightly. They paused. The hand on my mouth moved away. That was all the opening I needed. I spoke the incantation.

    The transformation was such that they barely even noticed. Their minds were altered along with their bodies and clothes. Their concern turned to sexual energy. Actually, their every emotion turned to sexual energy. Soon, they wanted nothing more in life than to please me. One of them tried to untie the blindfold, I insisted that it remain in place. After all, I had nothing to fear and everything to experience.

    Even a witch needs that one wild night in college. Who knows, I may even keep them for two."


  8. I love all of these stories! Sadly my computer time has been limited lately, and what time I've had I've put into job searching. I'm hoping that I can start putting some of these fine tales into cap form soon!

  9. Bianca, kneeling on the bed, was encircled by the three witches. She had schemed and manipulated her way into their circle, plotting and dreaming of this very moment. Even though the transformation was only moments old, her life as John seemed like a distant memory.

    She embraced her moment of triumph. It had been so easy to convince Miranda, the coppery haired beauty, that they belonged the only way that they could be together...sisters in the craft...lovers in womanhood. Once she had an ally in Miranda, they went to work on Helena. The raven haired beauty had melted in the face of their love story and was quickly on board. Circe, however was a different story...her long auburn hair, wicked eyes, and seemingly permanent sneer made her an imposing figure. She was the leader of their coven and was not swayed by sappy love stories. She preferred the whip to wet kisses, submission to loving devotion. John had spent months in hell, suffering every pain and humiliation he could imagine to convince her of his worthiness. The day that he sobbed like a little girl and begged her for the whip was the day she granted him his wish.

    Overcome by her new body and basking in her own triumph, as the other girls examined their handiwork...Bianca let out a slow hissing "YESSssss." Miranda tried to lean in to kiss her newly born lover, but Circe took hold of her long hair, holding her back.

    "She has not been made for YOU pet!...remember your place." Circe growled. "Something's wrong." Bianca thought dreading the darkness of her blindfold for the first time. "Don't let her take me...Miranda...I love you."...and for the first time Bianca realized that it was true. She did love her, utterly and completely she was swimming, no, drowning in her love. "Don't worry my sweet Bianca," came Miranda's soothing voice, "I will protect you...I would never give you up to HER!" Helena giggled...and the other two quickly joined in. "It was a joke,"thought Bianca as a wave of releif passed over her, "NOT funny!" she said...almost being drawn in to their laughter. Then silence, as the room filled with energy...she could feel the other girls leaving the bed...the heavy footsteps approaching. "Miranda!" she cried out. "Shhh" came Miranda's soothing voice, "This is what you were made for." "But I was made for you...I love you." "Ohhh, that is sooo sweet." Miranda cooed as the others erupted again in laughter. "You were never meant for me were made for the MASTER."

    1. OK, so... unhappy with how much I had rambled on with the first try, I tried to condense it down to something more manageable. I think it works pretty well, although still a little long-winded...what do you think?

  10. I really hate to say this, but I'm going to have to put this project on hold. It has absolutely nothing to do with these stories, and has absolutely everything to do with me being unable to location Caitlyn.

    I try to only post here when I either firmly have my Caitlyn Mask on, or I'm so strongly emotional that I can't hold back (I've done that when angry, sad and happy). But right now I'm none of those things. I'm not angry, I'm not sad, I'm not happy. But most frustrating is that I'm not 'Caitlyn' either.

    I had hoped that my dip in productivity was just difficulty in telling a story. And when I posted this collaboration post, it WAS the problem. That's the whole reason I asked for this help... if I have your story to work with, I can still be part of making caps. And making caps is a big part of me... well, there's the problem because it's not a part of me, it's a part of Caitlyn. Without her in my head at all, I look at these stories and just shake my head. When I first read them, they grabbed me. They excited me and moved me. But now they don't grab me at all. And again, that has nothing to do with the stories... my own caps don't grab me, Smitty's don't grab me, Dee's don't grab me, Jennifer and Simone's don't grab me. Nothing in the TG/CD/TF realm is doing anything for me. And if I don't get somehow emotionally drawn into a story, any design I make would be as flat as my writing. It probably would look nice... but it wouldn't connect and enhance the story.

    This really came on Tuesday afternoon/evening. It's happened often enough before.. but it goes away after a few hours. This time it's going on more than 24 hours. Maybe it'll snap back tomorrow and get right back into the swing of things. But if it doesn't, I didn't want to leave all of you hanging. I WILL finish this by making caps for some if not all of these stories, I just don't know if that will be tomorrow, this weekend, next week, or even next month.

  11. I hadn't done any writing in a very long time. It was you, or Caitlyn, who got me writing and thinking about writing again. TY for that. I hope Caitlyn recovers and returns soon...I'm missing her already. :)

  12. I am sure we can all understand this. I have been lucky enough to be Anne while on holiday for two weeks, but soon I leave Anne and go back to work. Then I will hope she is here waiting for me to come home at the end of the day.