Friday, August 3, 2012

[Question] A question and an apology

Something about crying over it....

How do i find a mistress in my area that can handle my footfetish that is very serious

This question came in from David.  David, to be honest I really don't know.  I've never explored these feelings out in that big scary real world (well, besides doing a little dressing up in private).  And even if I had, I don't have the desire to have a real life mistress  I did have a question like this about a year and a half ago, and I go into more depth there.  You can read it by clicking here.

Sadly I've had no real improvements upon what I wrote there.  I wish you luck though on finding what you are looking for.


Normally I wouldn't make a short post for a question like this.  I would wait until I had another question that I hadn't already written about or was in the mood to talk about something else entirely.  But I also got a couple more questions.  If you want to know more about why this person is appologizing, please read up my previous post here.

Caitlyn, I apologise for being such a pain in the ass. I should have realised that you do have another life as Calvin, and I see now that I wasn't taking that into account when I asked my questions, so please accept my sincere apology.

This came in from Lamorak.  Lamorak, I'm not going to lie or sugar coat this... you really upset me with the pestering.  It's not just the fact that you asked a question several times in a few days, it's the manner that you did it in.  Telling me you are getting upset and/or pissed off does not get me any closer to ever answering someone.

With that in mind though, I do want to accept your apology, but before I do I want to ask you something.  Why are you trying to pull off being both your brother and your cousin?  Do you think changing your name will soften me up and get me to continue to answer your questions?  Your writing style remains constant in all of your personas.

In case anyone is curious, here are the examples I'm talking about.  This first was put in as a comment on the previous post:

Hiya, Caitlyn! You're one seriously cool babe, ya know,
with an [clears throght] seriously cool site! No, really! Have you ever collaborated with Annabelle Raven-or, to give you her full name, Annabelle Raven Hyde, on a story-any captioned story? Oops! I almost
forgot to give you my name. My official name is Blogorak, but I prefer being just called Blog, otherwise people confuse me with Lamorak, a cousin of mine. Do you like classical music? I do. My favourite is Gnossienne No.1 by Erik Satie. I also like Greek and
Indian music. And third, have you ever thought of becoming a woman? After all, boys and men do have mammary glands and breasts, just like girls do. The only reason you can't see a boy's breasts is because
(ahem!) they are kept "under wraps" for want of a better
term. Only if a youth suffers from Gynaecomastia=enlarged breasts in males, a medical condition, will the boy or man develop breasts as prominent as a girl's. Some decide to have surgery to
remove the breasts, while others decide to keep them.
Don't ask me why, as I don't know why. That said, would you please ask Jenna Winn if she has her own site, and if so, what it's called! Love & Best Wishes, Blog.   

I gave the benifit of the doubt, and answered most of the questions asked here.  But then another relative came up.  This one was sent in as a Question (12 minutes after Lamorak's apology), and called himself Mr Mystery:

Dear Caitlyn, my younger sibling, Lamorak, has sent you a heartfelt apology, and he's always sincere. But enough about him. How are YOU? Not ill, I hope. What is your opinion on sissies? Do they deserve respect?

Did you forget that you had already referred to your alt persona as a cousin?  Or did you think it would be more believable as a younger brother?

Like I said earlier, I WANT to accept your apology.  In general I'm a forgiving person and try to never hold a grudge.  But I just feel that you aren't sincere about it.  So at this time I won't accept it.

You really sadden me, as I am now going to view all anonymous comments and questions sent in to me with suspicion.  I even viewed David's question that way.  If you are really sincere, then please stop commenting (God I hate saying that), and stop sending in questions.   Give it a few months.... I'll probably have cooled off about this by then.


  1. In addition to signing up for an account on FetLife as Dee suggested in the prior post's comments, David would probably be well served to consult the Max Fisch prodomme guide.

    As for the many masks of Lamorak (WORST. D&D. MODULE. EVAR.), I can only shake my head. Lammy-kins, for real: Listen to Caitlyn. Respect her wishes. Chill the fuck out and keep your trap shut.

    1. Thanks Victoria. Both for pointing David in a good direction, and for you comment on Lamorak.

  2. This is theater of the bizarre for sure. I hope this doesn't effect you too much but I fear it already has.

    1. I'm afraid that your fear is justified Simone. I honestly feel my stomach clench up when I see an anonymous post now. Maybe if I was in my normal Autumn/Winter/Spring capping mood, it wouldn't get to me, but it feels like just another reason to NOT cap. To not post to the blog, and take a 'Caitlyn Free' vacation.

      I'm not going to do any of that.. I'll still try to cap more and still try to get my Caitlyn Mask back on.

  3. Love the picture for this one and agree with Victoria about him being the worst dnd module ever

    1. Thanks Jane! I wish I could take credit for the image. To be honest I wasn't even going to post this last night... I had planned to mull over exactly what I wanted to say and maybe make this post on Monday. But Jennifer and I were chatting and she showed me the image. When I saw it, I immediately thought 'crying over spilled milk' and realized that's the tone I wanted to convey.

    2. Then I'll give you and Victoria equal credit so cudoes (sc) to both of you. Without you the picture wouldn't have been posted because you and s/he were talking and without her you wouldn't have had said image:D


    3. I'll never take credit from Victoria... but just to be clear, it was Jennifer that gave me the image. :)

  4. You want me to do WHAT??? Seriously??? Dude, you are seriously fucked in the head if you think I'm going to lick that milk up off the table. It's not enough for you that I put these ridicules kitty ears on? Not to mention the other...Ummm ...changes. Ok, yes...that part was my idea...but...I'm just NOT doing it! Just because I wanted to be the woman doesn't mean... Really, you really think I look that sexy? I'm making you what?...well...give me one good reason why I...OOOhhh my...that sure is a big rea...I mean a good reason...I mean...Mrrrrrrow. xoxo Jenna I just couldn't resist. ;)

    1. Love the story Jenna! I think it would make a really good cap, but sadly I don't have a large enough version of this image to work with. I generally try to find images at least 1000 pixels wide (for horizontal), but the original for this was just over 500 pixels.

      So sadly, I won't make this into a cap. But keep up the stories!

  5. :) ...It's not so sad...The sad thing is that I'm starting to worry that I might have adopted yet another hobby...and that's really more crazy than sad. Neat image though. Jenna