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Monthly Report - July 2012

Serving up 174,929/122,338 Page Views!
Welcome to the July 2012 Monthly Report. I've been feeling fairly blah the last few days, but at least putting up numbers doesn't take anything creative! Let's get to the numbers!

July's big numbers:

  • Total Page Views: 174,929/122,338
  • Total Visits: 36,335 (Averaging 4.81 views per visit)
  • 32,131 Visits were from refferals
    • 5,327 from
    • 2,303  from
    • 1,494  from Smitty's TG Caps
    • 1,260  from
    • 1,254 from Rauk22 Captions 
  • 2,764 Visits were direct traffic
  • 1,440 found their way here via search
    • Common search terms were: caitlyns masks, cum diet, fuskator, and medallion of zulo
July was much like June and ranks as my fourth highest viewed month.  I did make one more post this month, but that extra post was a non cap one. 

This month the highest viewed posts were:

It's really no surprise that three of the most viewed posts involved Smitty.  Fucking Spells was a fun basic cap for him, while Sissy Olympiad was a little more creative.  The one thing that IS surprising is that a post just mentioning Smitty's new Choose Your Fate interactive cap.   

Maybe surprising isn't quite the word I'm looking for.  I understand that caps I make for smitty get extra traffic for a couple reasons... they invoke his name which alone seems to draw people in, and they are generally a little more Hard Core than my standard cap.  But damn... a link to Smitty gets more page views than 14 caps and 5 other 'non smitty' conversations?  I guess if I'm ever interested in pure pageviews I now know that all it takes is links to smitty's blog. 

Thankfully that's NOT all I'm interested in.  Here are some caps that I particularly enjoyed from July:

  • Sealed With A Kiss - 1,675
    • This one felt very special to me.  It was far more story driven, than image driven even though the idea came from the photo used.  It is also more 'sissy' driven and an oddly pleasant mixture of 'forced' and 'willing'.  

  • Nerdy is Sexy - 1,814
    • I really enjoyed the image used in this cap.  It had an almost 'innocent' feel to it that contrasted very well with the oblivious dirty story I paired it up with.  I have to say it was particularly fun to write about the female football player's stubble and strong hairy thighs!

  • Who's Reality Is This? - 1,300
    • The thought of telling the truth, but having people think you are insane really makes me quake in my heels.  Knowing that the only way to 'get out' is to show that you accept that you are a woman and never were a man was a fun story to write. 

  • Trembling with Anticipation - 1,959
    • This one was fun to write.  The image gave me a basic idea that translated very well into a story.  I think it has a nice soft sensuality to it that I often struggle with. 

I have quite a few caps this month that I think turned out better than when I finished making them.  "Proving my Devotion" for example... I hated that damned thing when I posted it, and almost DIDN'T post it.  But after the frustration of making it wore off, I do enjoy the story and the design while not overly 'new' is outside of my normal.  

Sadly the month ended with me feeling far more 'blah' toward capping than I have in almost a year.  Yup, the summer slow down is back.  I'm sure I'll be able to cap like I did last summer, but I don't expect anything really good to come out of it.  Also like last year, I'm in a pretty good cap debt over at the haven, and even have a challenge idea issued in a comment.  Hopefully I'll be able to direct what capping inspiration comes to me in that direction, instead of just making quickies.  

I did have several good conversational posts.  The big one was "Comment's aren't just welcome...".  It seemed relevant enough to not only leave up as a post, but to add a page about it, and let it sit up at the top of my blog.  The oddest conversation though had to be in the comments of "The Rules".  And not 'odd' in a good way. 

You see, for the most part I want to have conversations going on.  When people talk it can send my mind going off in dozens of directions which can lead to ways that I can improve my caps, and even inspire new caps.  But one person felt it necessary to talk not about the cap, but about rules, competitiveness, and gender.  In being polite, I let the conversation go far enough to invoke Godwin's Law, and then had to actually ask that the conversation end.  When asking didn't work, I had to delete a comment.  Not my finest hour.  

Hopefully August will turn out to be another good month, but don't hold your breath.  As always, thanks for viewing this and visiting the blog!

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