Saturday, August 4, 2012

Working Off A Debt

Never get in over your head!

This cap, simply put is a forced project.  Not forced as in 'forced to transform into a girl', but forced as in 'I am damn well going to make a cap, no matter how hard it feels'.

I know, I know... I said I wouldn't bitch and moan about not being able to cap... but I honestly didn't expect it to get this bad this quickly.  You see, nothing has felt right the past few days.  Last year when I felt like this, I was at least able to get a cap out every week or so, but even though I've tried to make a cap every single day, nothing has come of it.  I either couldn't move from the bones of a story into the details, or when I did move into the details, the story just fell apart.  And I can't tell you how frustrating it is.  Especially considering how prolific I've been the past few months.

So this evening I sat down and told myself that I would damn well make a cap.  I really didn't hold out hope for making a good cap... I just wanted to get SOMETHING out in the hopes that it will get the engine started back up and let me start producing again.

When I saw this image I knew I had a winner  I almost just saved it back to use later... you know so that I wouldn't waste it.  But I knew it wouldn't be any easier to write with a less sexy image so I pulled it directly into Photoshop and opened up Word.

The story had several false starts.  I kept trying to start it from Calvin's perspective, but I felt like I was letting the climax of the story too soon.  The story really only started to cruise once I started writing 'Jeremy's dialog, and realized that I could start the story with that, and then move into Calvin's thoughts.

When I finished writing and read it over I was less than satisfied.  I didn't feel that I connected Jeremy's dialog to Calvin's thoughts very well.  And I felt that it could use a little more oomph as well as a proper 'zinger' for the ending.  But at the same time I felt that it worked.  Sure, it won't go down as one of my better caps, but a less than stellar cap is better than none at all.

Hopefully it will work out and I'll get back to capping on a more regular basis.  I might try to cap tomorrow (later today really), but I rarely feel like capping on Saturday's and I don't think I'll buck that tradition.  And as I'm normally wiped out on Sundays, I hope that this will bear fruit on Monday!


  1. Caitlyn,

    I'm glad you got back to capping, and were able to put the past few day's dram (somewhat) behind you....

    You're right, this won't go down in history as one of your best, but that's a pretty darn high standard to look for in a "forced" caption :)

    From almost anyone else, this would be a great caption. From you, it's "only" a good one, with a nice layout/presentation, extremely erotic/sensual pic and a solid story...

    Could/would it have benefited from a little more editing? Possibly, but you were right that is was more important to get it out, to get SOMETHING out, and at least try to get back in the groove :)

    Thank you for sharing this one with us :)


  2. I think this was a very admirable attempt, especially considering that you haven't felt like capping. There was plenty to enjoy about the story, though the layout and look of the cap is what really pops out to me. That image, paired with your background, is just mesmerizing to me!

    The story reminds me of a few fantasy's I've played out before. Having to perform a service that I was really only expecting to be on the receiving end of.. I agree that it could have been more, but I don't think it's a bad caption at all. It's very hot as is!

    Some times simple and straight to the point is best. It does let your mind wonder, and It helps that you threw my name in there. *giggle* I can just imagine what happens next, after such a sweet, submissive kiss like that!

  3. Caitlyn, I absolutely loved this cap, the layout, the background, the actual pic. oh it was great! you have high standards, we all do, but thats what makes you such a wonderful artist! Just do your best, If you don't post for a few days, I am not going to stop coming to your blog! Good job sweetie!

  4. I think it's a really good cap even throwing out the fact that it was forced. Best of Cat, probably not, but definitely no where near the bottom. Maybe, and I'm just suggesting because of the drama, Calvin should come out to serve some punishment to someone that recently gave him some trouble of the pestering variety even if that someone would get a thrill out of it. Might help with that block in front of you even if you don't post them.

    Lurking always,

  5. I can think of worse ways to pay off my debts ;) For a cap you've forced yourself to make, I really wouldn't have been able to tell. The story works really well, even if it's a bit briefer than many of your regular captions.

  6. Thanks for working through your struggles to produce this. I thought the thoughts flowed clearly enough

  7. I thought it was fun. I looked at it and thought, "Gosh, that looks nice." Oh, and I liked the design too. Jenna

  8. The pic is a winner. I used a different version of the same image for someone... now who was that?. ;-)

    Always love a change in perspective to tell the whole story. Keep up your high standards. Loved it.

  9. Thank you all for your kind words. I think in the back of my head that this is what I needed more than just putting out a cap. Hearing that you enjoyed something that I consider 'off' makes me far more willing to make caps like this. And just so you don't think I wrote up this cap this way was to get those comments, I wanted to share some more thoughts on it. I honestly do feel that it's a 'bad' cap. I've re-read it this morning with a clearer set of eyes, and I still find it lacking.

    First the story. I think the skeleton of this story is fine. But the story had room for so much more. For example I think it would have come across better with Jeremy mentioning that Calvin has been spending so much time at the 'club' recently. I'd would work from his perspective as showing just how good and sexy the club is, but when paired with the whole story it would be a sign as to how much time Calvin spent 'working' there, and help shore up the thought that he couldn't work at his real job more. It might have also worked better if he wondered where Calvin was. That would let Calvin wonder if his friends would find out that it was him pleasing them.

    Calvin's thoughts are more muddled. I tried to establish how long he had been doing this extra work, but I don't feel that I did it well. It could have been presented with him comparing how well he could now do this to how bad he was when he started months ago, or him thinking about how he figured it would have taken a few weeks to pay off the debt instead of months. I also had him thinking that this is exactly what he was afraid of, and yet in the same thought have him wondering how they could afford to be there. I also generally try to lead a story back to the photo, but the story doesn't even establish that it IS Calvin in the photo... he could be in the back just observing this other girl kissing Jeremy's cock.

    If I were to look upon this cap as a 'good' one, those issues would have to be addressed. But I expected any story I wrote to have similar issues. The story was more or less throwing a bunch of details in without putting them together in a narrative.

    The design portion though bothers me. I put almost no effort into this design. It was made with muscle memory. I cropped the logo out of the photo, increased the canvas, dropped a shadow behind the photo, laid down a gradient in the background, found a somewhat interesting image to color and blend into the newly expanded background canvas, laid the text out, put semi opaque boxes behind them and colored them a darker version of the background, then put the title up in a semi interesting font colored similar to the background and threw a background glow around it.

    It works.. but it doesn't help the story out at all. Just glancing at the cap it has a fun almost lighthearted feel to it, but the story was intended to be a darker more humiliating moment. I want the design of the caps to emphasize that, not work against it. I wasn't going for irony... I was just being lazy. Without pulling it up and playing with it, I imagine I could make the background image dark instead of light (invert it so that the 'light' areas become very dark and then blend it further into the background so that the light (currently dark) areas don't show through as much. The text boxes could have followed suit, but being lighter behind text that is a far darker shade. And the same would apply to the title... make it dark and let the glow make it legible against the dark background.

    But with all that said, I still really appreciate all your kind words. It really takes a lot of the pressure off of me to produce something great. I can keep plugging away now and if everything lines up I'll make something good or better... but if it doesn't line perfectly I'll know that it has a good chance of being enjoyed!

  10. Just a thought but what if you did a colaberation on your blog specifically for one image? With the amount of 'muscle memory' alone that you have I would think the other cappers that frequent your blog as well as the lurkers like myself could help flesh out a a story that you could just start with a sentence or two. Might be fun:D

    Once again, just a thought

    1. That's not a bad idea Jane. I come across a lot of images that I feel would make a good cap, but nothing more than a line comes to mind. I could post the image, give an idea, and see what people come up with.

      I think it would be more fun with 'lurkers', as cap artists could simply make their own cap. And I'm not sure it would really be a 'collaboration'. It would be someone's story within a design of mine. But it could still be fun.

      I'll think about it. One concern I can think of of the top of my head, is making it clear which caps are 'mine' and which are these collaborations. I may not be a good writer overall, but I do have a writing style of my own.

    2. I totally agree that you have a style that is completely your own and shouldn't be possibly blemished by another person running with your beginning of an idea. I'll have to think this over and see if I have an idea to solve this if you don't think of one first....maybe use the haven to start a thread for it?


  11. What a conundrum... if only Calvin were smart enough to realize. Let go of the past. Be the best fuck toy that you can be. Worry about that silly ol' debt later. Enjoy what you've been gifted.

  12. Mmmmh, I love this one! I know how it feels when you're in that self doubt zone, when you go to look at picture after picture and try to write, but it just doesn't come together, but believe me when I tell you this is a good cap.

    I love the concept that she is actually getting further and further into debt, trapped into giving blow job after blow job by the vicious cycle going on and that picture is awesome. I mean, sure... it's not your greatest ever caption, but as a 'block breaker' it's fantastic and I just got a dirty tingle reading it so thanks!