Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Could you create a post... and other questions

What we have here is a failure to communicate...

I've had a few questions come in recently and sadly once I read them I promptly forgot them.  But I'll take care of them this fine morning.

First up is a question from lisakaye:

is they a way to make they lager so we can read they i treid push ctrl and alt but it dose not work on your caps thanks lisakaye

I'm assuming that this should read:  "Is there a way to make the captioned images larger so that we can read them?  I tried to push the control and alt keys, but it did not work on your captioned images.  Thank you.  Lisakaye"

The answer seems a little too easy to be the one you are looking for.  Yes, you can make the captioned images larger so long as you know which ones can be made larger.  In almost all of my posts there are two copies of the captioned image.  One that's up on top of the post that is smaller, and one that is under that (and under a single line of text), that is slightly larger.

The first image can not be enlarged as it links to the full post (even when you are looking at the full post).  Clicking on it will simply go to the full post again.  The larger image underneath CAN be enlarged by simply clicking on it (no keyboard input necessary).  That will display the full sized image.  Now, your browser may still shrink that down so that it will fit entirely in your browser window.  If it does, you SHOULD be able to click on it again, and it will go to full size (where you may have to scroll a bit to see it all).

If that's not large enough... well you can always zoom in further using your browser controls (these are different for each browser, so I'll let you figure out how to do that for your particular browser).  But if you do this, the quality of the image will go down.

Hope this helps lisakaye!

The next question(s) came in from Leila:

Hello, could you create a post of an unhappy married couple whose marriage is falling apart and the husband who is an Historian named Alex takes Jennifer, a house goddess on Spiritual journey around the world and after stopping off in a luxurious hotel in Italy known as 'Premitaj Korpo' a Pagan guru pours the liquid secretly into two cups of coffee. One for Alex and one for Jennifer, after drinking it both start to transform in front of each other. Jennifer, now Antonio transforms into a handsome, broad man and Alex, know Leila transforms into a petite, hourglass brunette at half the height of Antonio wearing a tight mini-skirt with 12 inch heels and long golden-brown hair.

Antonio grabs Leila as she bolts for the door and forces her into BDSM. Wrapping her up in coloured plastic after stripping her bare that the guru left after leaving, gagging her mouth and only cutting the plastic (not harming her) which covers her vagina.

Leila, that sounds like a very interesting story.  Admittedly it's pretty specific, and with all the detail you've provided it would be a multi panel cap.  I would need to find an appropriate image set to work (or more than likely a couple image sets) that includes a petite hourglass shaped short brunette wrapped up in colored plastic wrap.   I haven't come across such an image set before, so that might be a tall order.

But you know what... it sounds like an interesting story and I think that if I let a few of your details go by the wayside I can make this cap happen.

I'll go ahead and start on this now and will probably have something for you in a few days... oh wait?  There's another question sent in from Leila:

Hold on actually disregard what I last sent. Don't worry about it. That was the story about the Historian named Alex who becomes Leila after a pagan guru pours a liquid into his coffee and his wife, Jennifer who becomes Antonio

Oh.... OK.  Your idea sounded alluring and with all the specifics it seemed that you were really interested in seeing it made into a reality (at least a cap reality).  But if you are no longer interested in it, I'll hold off on working on it.   Maybe I'll try a variation on this later.... hold the phone... Leila wrote again:

Hello, I'm really sorry about the second message I sent, no really do create the post...again I'm sorry about the confusion I was just a little worried about the repercussions. Thank you so much for doing this.

So... you DO want me to make this cap?  Your worries over the repercussions of seeing a cap that you requested are now no longer valid?  All righty, lets do this then!  I have to admit I don't really enjoy having my chain yanked (except in cap form... then I'm a BIG fan of chain yanking!) but I can understand making a quick request then changing your mind.  But so long as you are sure that you'd like to see this entrancing story idea become a cap, then I'm on board...

DAMN IT!!!  Leila wrote another message:

I've been caught, sorry, but don't go ahead with creating the caps. My family caught me and it would further my humiliation.


I assume that by "I've been caught..." you mean that you drank the coffee that was infused secretly by a pagan guru, been transformed into a short sexy brunette with a wasp waist and that you are now bound by pink plastic wrap, and that your wife (now in the body of a broad shouldered man) has just gagged you and cut free your new pussy.

Before I continue, lemme check and see if Leila has left another message.

Nope... we're clear.  So lets go ahead and make this cap... no wait I got confuzled again.  We're not making this into a cap for our caught and humiliated Leila (who once she was caught had the right state of mind to go ahead and send me a letter denying her previously deviant request).

All funning aside, this sounds like it could be a fun story.  Realistically it would be very difficult to make into a cap as finding images that match it would be neigh impossible.  It also is incredibly specific.  Making this would feel less like making a cap, and more like transcribing a story that you want to see.  I'd be wary of adding details as I wouldn't be sure if they'd fit into the dynamic that you had in mind.

We all have very specific fantasies that we'd like to see in cap form.  I know I do.  For awhile I hoped that someone would just randomly stumble upon my fantasy and make it.  That didn't work out so I got into Rachel's Haven and put up my preferences, hoping that they'd nudge someone into my personal fantasy.  But even that didn't work.  And as I got into making caps for others, I realized why... we all have different fantasies and the closer a cap gets to exactly matching the fantasy, the easier it is to ruin the fantasy.

For example, I've always had the fantasy of getting dressed up by a girlfriend into a completely believable girl.  We go to a party and get separated.  One of my friends sees me, but doesn't  recognize it's really me under all this makeup perfume and curvy body modifications.  When he comes up to me he pulls me into a passionate kiss while someone snaps a photo of the 'cute couple'.  I COULD tell him it's really me, but he would be humiliated by not only the kiss, but the photographic evidence.  Not to mention my own humiliation.  So instead I reluctantly play along doing more and more feminine activities... dancing with him, kissing him, going to the ladies room and having a girl (whom I also know) give me tips on how he likes to have his dick sucked... each of which humiliates me more and more but also locks me further into the role I'm playing of a playful girl that nobody knows.  Eventually I end up out on a balcony with him while he pushes me down to my knees and I have to give him a blowjob.

Now... this is MY fantasy.  I can imagine it in my head a thousand times and coo in delight with every imagining.  I can see parts of this fantasy in a lot of different images and caps and even some stories.  But if someone were to take what I've written above and try to turn it into a cap, they'd likely miss the mark.  The image might include a girl's cleavage which in my fantasy can't happen as "I" don't have cleavage to show.  They might write out how I put on a good show of kissing him and even enjoy it, but leave out the part where I'm crying and humiliated on the inside.  They might write how my friend is a jerk that takes advantage of girls, while I would want to see my friend written as a nice guy who is simply misinterpreting my own attempts at looking like a real girl.  They might write an ending that includes my girlfriend finding us and admitting that she set me up while I'd like to think of my girlfriend as a girl who couldn't find a way to help me get out of this situation.

So when you write out so many details in a cap request, you will either see someone take that request and still go off in a direction that you doesn't fit the scene in your head, or follow exactly what you wrote and add nothing of their own creativity into it.

I in no way mean to dissuade anybody from making requests... even complex detail ridden ones.  I just want to put out there that if you are looking for someone to make exactly what you have in mind, that you'll probably be disappointed... but hopefully still enjoy the cap!

Leila's whole "Please make this cap... no don't... no do it... no don't" series of message brought this funny video to mind:


  1. Okay, where does that scene come from? That is hilarious! As for your friend Leila, she really has me anxious to see that cap now. I'm sure many others would like to see it as well. So, once you find the photo of an hourglass shaped brunette wrapped in cellophane, I think you should do it anyway. Or maybe not.

    1. The scene from the video? It's a combination of scenes from Star Trek Deep Space Nine (probably my favorite Star Trek television series!). If you mean the scene from my fantasy... well that's mine. Although it does bear a very close resemblance to a story on fictionmania called Princess (http://fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=29733247641171357).

      If I ever find a photo like that I'll probably come back to this post and make a caption for it... but don't hold your breath!

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  3. I am not sure if she is indecisive or not. No, she definitely isn't but cannot decide either way. Well, maybe.

    I wasn't sure if I should post that comment but decided to do so .. then I wanted to delete it.

  4. LOL I was thinking more of a Simpsons meme - "Dental plan!" "Lisa needs braces!"

    Wow, maybe Leila needs to get into the capping business. :)