Friday, March 1, 2013

Escalator to Heaven

Going up?

After posting my Monthly Report for February, I decided to take another swing at making a cap.  Like most of last month, this is really an attempt to get the juices flowing.  I headed over to Fuskator and while I saw plenty of sexy and smutty images, they just didn't inspire a story.  When I came across this image set, I almost skipped right on by as I'd seen it before.  But as none of the other sets got me going I decided to give it a swing.

The thing I thought of when I saw this set several months ago, was of someone riding the escalator up to heaven.  The problem was that I didn't get any more than that... how did they die?  Why was this a TG story... in other words why did changing from a male to female body lead to this ride?  As I was considering these questions I thought of the body swap story I wrote last month "Used".  I had written the body swapper as a more or less evil person... someone who would certainly be taking the 'down' escalator.  And then it hit me... his choice was either live the afterlife in his origianl body (and end up playing poker with the devil), or keep this body, but go to it's version of heaven.

I'd normally tell you how I feel about the cap, but often when I feel this way about a cap I get scolded for not being more positive.  So... in that vein ... enjoy!


  1. Tut, tut Caitlyn! Only kidding, no one can make you feel a particular way about anything. In this case I think you have provided us with a very inventive storyline and a character that it is hard to know whather we should sympathise wit them.

  2. I love the cap Caitlyn, especially visually. and the story as well, is well written. I'd have to say that the protagonist has not changed. Even now, she/he is willing to accept the benefit provided by someone else's good works and good life, at the expense of someone else. My hope is that up or down, it does not matter. The soul of the real person will determine whether the rest of one's spiritual existence will be heaven or hell.

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