Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Admit it.. you'd like to be F.U.C.K.D too!

I've been nervous these past few days (more on that later if you are interested), and I wanted to make a cap to get my mind off of it.  The first few times I tried to cap I saw many MANY sexy images, but no sniff of an idea at all for the story.  This morning when I looked though, I came upon this sexy image set and just fell in love.  Not only that, I got a basic idea:

A guy is working with the CDC to help men that were transformed by some weird virus into women.  To help them acclimate he has men lined up to fuck them crazy as that finishes off the transformation.  Of course he catches the virus himself and had to go through his own procedure.  

It's a simple enough idea, but I hesitated in writing it out as it would require a lot of setup.  I'd have to explain the disease, explain the procedure and how it helped the victims, and only then go into his transformation and submitting himself for the treatment.   But there wasn't any other image that gave me any ideas, and spending a couple hours writing this out would occupy my mind.  At worst I figured that if I couldn't make it work I'd still burn those hours away.

So I got to writing.  As expected, explaining the 'virus' and treatment took up almost an entire panel.  I trimmed what I could, but I obviously couldn't fit all of this in one panel.  I thought about using a standard lab image for the first panel as I wouldn't have to write in why he was female so soon.  But then the idea hit me... I could put the transformation at the very begining, and then have him mentally explaining how/why it happened.

A funny thing happened though when I started writing up his transformation.  Instead of going with a 'oh no this happened to me... I guess I need to get the treatment' feeling, I added a lot more drama and intensity.  I honestly didn't start this out as happening to women... but adding in that line of "...this new syndrome wasn't really affecting women after all!" popped right out.  And you know... I liked it.  I even added in a line about figuring out that it wasn't naturally occurring  but that side story ended up getting deleted as I never followed up with it.

With that first paragraph written (and the image chosen to go with it), I went back and re-wrote the disease process and focused it on happening to women.  The memory part actually made more sense now.  Once that was set (the last two paragraphs of the first panel, and the first paragraph of the second panel), I began to write his process through the treatment.

It was harder than I thought.  Part way in, I realized I had set up a 'rape' scene.  Here he is in his new body getting sex forced on him over and over and over.  I don't know why it hadn't hit me before, nor do I know why this upset me at all.  I mean I write a lot of unwilling sex scenes like this.  I guess what hit me was that the 'force' in the sex scenes I write is normally mental... it's blackmail;  'Have sex with my new boyfriend or I'll tell everyone that you willingly let me turn you into a girl and want to have sex with men'.   With this scene though, it's men grabbing a confused girl, bending her over, and fucking her.

I still found it sexy... but less so.  This was about an hour and a half into working on the cap, and I honestly considered deleting it.  Instead I pushed through and finished it off.  After all, I've done dark themes before and this isn't all that different than being mentally coerced.  I'm still not comfortable with it... but you tell me if this is crossing a line.

I mentioned that I was nervous... well it's for a good reason.  I have a job interview coming up soon.  I normally don't get nervous for interviews.... excited?  yes.  Nervous?  no.  But this is only the second face to face interview I've gotten since I started putting out applications.  And after putting out over 170 applications I know that I have to nail this interview.  I hate searching for a job and not being a productive member of society is just killing any self pride that I've had.  So instead of it just being an interview, it's becoming THE interview.

So...I hate to ask directly for it, but I need all the help I can get.  Send some good thoughts my way!


  1. Good luck on the interview!

    My best wishes are with you!

  2. All you have to do is ask. Your friendly neighborhood guardian Angel will keep an eye on you.

    The best thing you can do is to relax before going in. One trick is a small shot of a strong alcohol. Not enough to cause inebriation, but just enough to relax muscles and encourage blood flow. If you don't want to risk that, I like a cup of hot chocolate or a soothing tea. And remember the advice of Eddie Izzard. "It's seventy percent how you look, twenty percent how you sound and ten percent what you say." So if you go in looking confident and professional, and you can sound confident and professional you will do just fine. No matter what you say, say it calmly and confidently.

    And consider bringing a batch of home made cookies. That almost always helps.

    1. Thanks Angel! I don't think I'll be trying the alcohol, but I'll have a cup of tea before I take off for the interview.

      As for the percentages... I think I look good and professional when dressed for an interview. The key then will be presenting myself as confident (but not over confident), and of course hoping they don't have a bias for female nurses.

      I'm not sure about the cookies though.. I don't want to appear as trying to bribe them (and my cookies are good enough TO be a bribe!).

      Thanks again for the advice!

  3. I'll certainly keep my fingers crossed for you.

    What a very ingenious set, the story works really well with the lovely images

  4. Thanks everybody! I appreciate the support!

  5. Good Luck!

    ....and as for the captions...God Damn!

  6. You know me, I don't care much for caps where the man loses all of their memories. But In this cap, it only enhanced how well and truly f.u.c.k.d she was! My mind is racing with all sorts of different men trying to get treatment, only to be manhandled by some stud and fucked into womanhood.

    The fact that she realizes a little too late what's about to happen when she walked through those doors was just the icing on the cake here. Not only fear and regret for not thinking it through and knowing what's about to happen to her, but knowing that she's done it to so many other men and it will continue to happen as long as they drag the girl kicking and screaming into the next room and fuck her into submitting to the virus.

    Hawt Caption and I do wish you the best of luck with your interview. *hugs and kisses*

  7. Best of luck Caitlyn! I expect they'll have you in a nurse's outfit with hose and heels in no time!

  8. Delightful caption, & best of luck on your interview, I'm sure you'll be damn fine.

  9. This caption was made particularly squirmy because I read it during my morning cup of coffee!

    And good luck with that interview!

  10. Thanks again everybody! The interview went well (not perfect, but not bad) and I now enter the nail biting waiting time to hear if they selected me. Thankfully I only have to be one of the best candidates as they are filling multiple positions!

  11. And we all know how good Caitlyn is at getting filled in multiple positions

    1. HA!

      On a serious note, they've now contacted my supplied references. Every facility proceeds differently, so I don't know if this means I'm in serious contention or not, but it means I'm STILL in contention and that's a good thing!