Tuesday, March 19, 2013

There Is No Spoon

It is not the spoon that blows, it is only yourself

I so wanted to make a cap today.  I started off by finding several really great sexy images that all whispered something to me... but none of them gave me a full story.  I even saved one back and tried to write something.... anything... for it.  But all that came was trite garbage.

It's a weird feeling to have... I really was in a mood to cap, but the only thing I was getting out of the pictures was a silly funny line or two.  It's like really wanting to go out and drive, but the only thing available is a scooter.  It's just not right.

I probably tried about four different times today with no results, so I figured this time if I still couldn't make a good cap, I'd at least make one of the silly funny joke caps.  This is actually a joke that's been going through my head for awhile now.  I don't recall exactly where, but someone recently told me to 'just imagine you are doing something else' and that would make my silly joke of a job go faster.  So when I saw this image that's what came to mind.  I picture some guy and girl out on vacation and him saying something like 'Aww baby, if you love me you'll go down on me.  Just think of doing something else!"

It's not deep, it's not complex, and the most I can hope for is a "HA!" reaction.


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  1. Dear Caitlyn,

    May I be the first to oblige? Ha!

    Kiss kiss,