Friday, March 1, 2013

Monthly Report - February 2013

Serving up 94,887/125,836 Page Views
Whelp... this is the first February since starting this blog that I haven't broken a record.  February of 2011 was the first month that I went over 100,000 page views in a single month (112,323 to be exact).  February of 2012 was the first month that I exceeded that number (116,161 to be exact).   I know that these are just two periods that happened to be land on the same calendar dates, but I was kind of hoping that February would be something special.  But even if I was capping at full strength, it would be hard to break my current high water mark.  April of 2012 and it's 166,597 page views may well stand as my high mark for a long long time. 

All in all, February 2013 was just about an 'average' month when it comes to pageviews, but less than average when it comes to my production.  I only made 8 caps this month and two non cap posts.  It helps that I also hosted one of Mistress Simone's new caps. 

Anywho... on to the numbers:
  • Total Page Views: 94,887/125,836
  • Total Visits: 26,121 (Averaging 4.82 views per visit)
  • 22,314 Visits were from referals
    • 3959 from
    • 1,605  from Smitty's TG Caps
    • 1,447  from
    • 641  from
    • 623 from
  • 2,432 Visits were direct traffic
  • 1,375 found their way here via search

The search terms that brought the most people in include:  tg captions, caitlyn's masks, sissy caps, make me a sissy, tg captions anal, and fuskator.

This month's highest viewed caps were:
  1. Cupid's Arrow - 3,680
  2. Zoom Out - 2,727
  3. A Weekend To Remember - 2,607
  4. Perfect Weapon - 2,543
  5. Used - 2,448

I'm actually surprised that Mistress Simone's "Perfect Lady" didn't make the top five.  You could say that it was just an issue of timing as I published it on February 20th. But I published "Zoom Out" earlier on the same day and it received just about 800 more pageviews.  

I'd normally list the other caps I made this month that I thought worth mentioning, but honestly I'm not particularly happy with any of them.  Most of the caps I made this month were attempts to get my creative juices flowing... and none of them really succeeded in anything other than making a stand alone cap.  

This lack of creativity has also stalled out my story writing.  I only made three posts over at Caitlyn's Musings.  One about distractions, one finishing off the prep work, and one whining about not doing more.  

So if for no other reason than March has more days than February, I expect march to be a better month in terms of pageviews.  I'm still a little down, but that normally doesn't last all that long, so I should also be making more caps.  As always, thank you for viewing this and visiting the blog!

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