Saturday, December 26, 2015

Friend Zone

 The Friend Zone ain't so bad... is it?

I had watched Amy from afar for quite a while.  She always seemed to go out with the wrong guys.  Big meat heads that were only interested in her body and not her lovely delicate soul or her friendship.  Invariably they’d have sex and then almost immediately break up.  One guy even had the gall to brag in the locker room that she gave him the choice… he could be her friend and stay with her forever or they could have one night of passionate sex and then never see each other again.  It was the exact opposite of how I’d treat a girl.  I’d always believed that you become friends first, and then if you really like each other you have sex to further the relationship.  This guy was just happy to get a quick piece of ass. 

After seeing her struggle alone for months, I decided to ask her out myself.  Our dates were fun and frivolous and fancy free.  Movies, museums, and art galleries.  We became fast friends.  One night after a particularly fun day I surprised her with a kiss.  She looked shocked and…. Afraid?  As if reading from a script she told me almost verbatim what the locker room guy said.  She told me that if I wanted to be her friend that I could stay with her forever, or if I wanted we could have a night of passionate lovemaking but that we’d never see her again.   Believing that the friend zone is always a great starting point I didn’t even hesitate.  I told her that I wanted to be her friend forever. 

She surprised me by gently taking my hand and leading me up to her bedroom.  We slowly undressed and then got into bed together.  I thought I had done it… I had finally proven that being in the friend zone was a good thing, but as she slowly kissed over my body I felt the change.  She kissed my forehead and stroked through my close cropped hair, but teach run of her hand seemed to extend my hair.  When she kissed my lips I swear I could feel them swell in reaction.  After a particularly amorous kiss I let out a moan of appreciation… and it sounded so soft and feminine.  Amy continued kissing down my body.  When she got to my nipples she sucked each into her mouth and pulled back.  The suction seemed particularly powerful as after only a few minutes she had pulled two perky breasts from my formerly hair chest. 

Each change felt so good that I couldn’t bear to stop her.  Her kisses on my abdomen turned my six pack abs into a smooth belly.  Her kisses down my legs erased my powerful thighs and calves.  Her kisses on my toes left delicate feminine feet behind them.  And finally when she took my thick cock into her mouth she almost immediately swallowed me into her throat.  Up and down her blond hair bobbed around my now curvy hips and waist but each bob down, less and less of me fit into her mouth.  The last few strokes she didn’t even have to move as her tongue seemingly chased after my receding manhood…. Leaving behind a moist sensitive slit.  When she found my new clit and paid it close attention I screamed out my first feminine orgasm for the entire world to hear. 

The next morning Amy apologized.  She said that all the women in her family were cursed.  That they’d never know honest love.  That any man loving enough to accept more than just sex with them would be turned into another cursed woman.  She told me that it was rare for any man to accept that friendship and that it had never happened to herself before.   She promised that she’d keep up her end if I could still accept her.  If I could still accept her friendship. 

I spent a lot of time crying, missing my lost manhood.  But Amy stayed with me and said that as her friend she’d help me.  That evening she helped me dress up to the nines and took me out to the club.  I was so nervous when the two guys approached us and offered to buy our drinks.  Amy gave me a wink shad whispered that the first few times would be difficult but she’d help me skip past the dating and get right to the sex.   That the experiencing sex with a real man would help focus my world. 

I have to admit that kneeling here by Amy’s side as our men take to their one night of passionate sex… the friend zone feels amazing!

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