Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The New Co-Pilot

Flying the Friendly Skies!

After threatening to sue, Austin finally got to make his point and get hired as one of the sexy stewardesses on that blatantly sexist airline.  As a pilot he couldn’t stand to see the woman used and abused as they were on those flights.  Taking a job with them would prove that good customer service would be more appreciated than flashing T&A.  And when they allowed something as simple as him wearing pants, they would naturally have to let the ladies wear pants if they wanted.  To do otherwise would be sexist. 

On his first flight, Austin realized the problem with his argument.  Yes, if they allowed his uniform to be pants, it would be illegally sexist if they didn’t share that with the women.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a legal issue if everyone had to wear the same outfits.  For a 14 hour flight between New York and Tokyo, Austin had to wear the same skimpy short skirts and tight half tops all the other stews did.  During the layover the flight captain laid down the law… Austin would fit in with the other stews or the captain would get him fired, and reminded him that being fired as a flight attendant would ensure Austin would never find a good job as a pilot. 

With his career and livelihood on the line, Austin agreed to the other stews giving him a makeover.  They seemed to revel in feminizing him and spent what seemed like tons of money.  Complete laser hair removal, hair extensions, makeup that would stay on for weeks and lip collagen were done in the first day.    Being Tokyo, they even splurged on some of the weirdest perverted things he’d ever seen.  A glued on pussy that kept his cock tucked out of site and gave him the smooth front to his panties.  And maybe even worse, the ‘breast enhancers’ that attached to his chest and blended in, making him for all intents and purposes the owner of his own E cup breasts. 

The Captain approved of his ‘new sexy stew’ and even promised that if he could help Austin get a pilot’s job he would… but he’d have to pay off his makeover as that was paid for as an advance against Austin’s salary. 

Austin realized he’d have to work nearly 11 months just to pay off the debt for his makeover.  The other girls didn’t give him time to consider the consequences and put him to work.  When Austin saw the girls getting tips from some customers he learned where ‘The Sexiest Slutiest Stewarts in the Air’ tagline game from.   He vowed he’d never get that desperate for cash, but as the weeks wore on and his debt seemingly never went down, Austin took his first client to the secret back room and officially entered him into the mile high club. 

Most customers were satisfied with a blow job, but after one customer forced Austin into anal sex and tipped him appropriately, he started offering the entire menu of options on all flights.  Austin got a reputation and soon had clients asking for him.  It only took him another three weeks to pay off his debt.  Surprisingly the flight captain lived up to his word and offered Austin a job as his co-pilot.  Austin agreed and signed the contract without any consideration… anything to get away from the crazy feminizing stews and the needy perverted passengers.

When Austin saw his uniform though, his heart sank.  The captain just chuckled and pulled Austin onto his lap.  “Don’t worry baby… the contract is only for three years.  And now you don’t have to worry about dozens of different passengers on each flight.  Nope, you’ll only have one stud to please each and every trip.  You’ll know my cock better than me by the end of the first month!”

source:  Simone's Tumbler


  1. Love it awesome. Where do you get your pictures from?
    Do you take request?

    1. Thanks NeoRock! At the bottom of each post I give the source for the image. Or at least where I found the image. In this instance, I found it at Mistress Simone's Tumbler Blog.

  2. they say you should always do the right thing. stand up against in equality. take it on the chin. on the face up the....

  3. you already did something with it I had not considered! It's a joy to read!