Saturday, December 5, 2015

Witchy Lessons

Witches make great teachers

OK boys, let’s see if we learned something from this beyond the obvious lesson of never breaking into a witch’s house for a frat prank.  Thomas, breaking and entering goes a lot smoother if you pick the locks.  Breaking down my front door has earned you some broken bones.  Don’t worry, your wanking hand will heal, in the meantime… go ahead Sam and wrap your dainty hand around his cock.  Your friend needs some comfort. 

Now Sam, Tom here was rude and crude but you were ignorant and mean spirited.  Just because a woman has sexy lingerie doesn’t mean she’s some kind of slut.  The way you snickered as you riffled through my panties and lingerie was shallow.  So you get to experience that side of the fence for a while.  Until Tom’s hand heals, you’ll act as his bubble headed bimbo girlfriend.  You’ll be the slut that you thought I was. 

Hmm… I would have thought you’d be better at hand jobs with all the practice you had with your own equipment.  That’s ok baby, you’ll have plenty of time to practice.  For now why don’t you give some comfort with your mouth!

source:  fuskator


  1. But .. but .. TG captions taught us that witches were always gothy and wore black and .. dammit, I've been living a stereotype for decades!

    Harumph! I am just going to go home and put on a Cure album!

  2. Very nicely done. Maybe turning him into a sissy whore n her into a cock craving lunatic would be so more dirtified, whole still living each other solely, be better medicine