Friday, December 25, 2015

She's Always Right

Never Doubt Her!

She’s right.  I shouldn’t have doubted her as she’s been right about everything.   Jacking a guy off and having him cum all over my new tits is crushing to my masculinity.  Especially when it’s my old college roommate. 

It started off innocently enough.  She said that I would love the feel of her panties.  I thought the idea was ridiculous, but relented as she was quite emphatic.  She was right.  Wearing her panties under my slacks kept me hard almost all day at work and I came as soon as her hand ran over my silk imprisoned cock.  Soon enough I was wearing panties all the time.  When she told me it would be even better if I didn’t have any body hair, I again balked but she won me over.  And she was right.  Not only did the panties feel even more erotic, all of my skin felt electric.  I thought it would be over the top to wear silk shirts all the time, but she was right as it felt even better over my smooth chest. 

Every step was like that… it sounded bad, I’d do it just to please her, and she’d be right.   Wearing lipstick made kissing and eating her out so damned erotic.  Wearing full makeup on my days off was even better.  Growing out and styling my hair completed the look.  The panties looked better when combined with stockings and a garter belt.  Those all looked better when I wore heels.  It felt so erotic when I covered those up with a dress.  Adding a padded bra made me fully passable.  Going out to the movies as ‘two loving lezzies’ was amazing.   Going to the bar and picking up a girl for a threesome was out of this world.  Starting the hormones and testosterone blockers made me even more feminine.   My body looked even better after the breast augmentation surgery. 

And while I haven’t used my ‘little clitty’ for months now, this act makes me feel the most feminine ever.  It’s not jacking a guy off or having him cum on me… it’s the fact that a guy I lived with for two years doesn’t recognize me at all.  She says it will be even better when I take him in my mouth.  I have my doubts, but I learned long ago that she’s always right.   

source:  fuskator

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