Sunday, December 6, 2015

House Rules

Read all the rules before play starts!

I started up at the billiard’s hall about the same time as Jack.  The first few times I went, all I heard about was Jacqueline.  She’d been playing there for months, but really sucked.  Literally.  She was a horrible player and every time she’d lose she took the winner to the back room and gave him a blowjob.  No one forced her to do it, and In fact if someone said she didn’t need to she’d beg them until they let her blow them.  As the stories go, she slowly got better and a few nights previous to my arrival she won her first game.  She was so excited that she ran out and hadn’t been seen since.   When people saw me play they joked around that I could be the next Jacqueline… I had just learned to play and was really bad. 

When one of the owners suggested a way for me to improve my game, I was all ears.  He said all I had to do was play a single game in the back room, follow all the house rules, and he guaranteed I’d have all the incentive in the world to win.  He motioned Jack over and suggested he take me back for my first game.  I thought that was fair enough as Jack wasn’t all that good himself.  For his part, Jack seemed reluctant to take me back, and told me to read over the rules very carefully before we started to play.  I glanced at the rules but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary…. No drinks on the table, respect the equipment… stuff like that.

He showed me a few tricks and then we played our first game.  I didn’t notice anything special and I sucked at the game.  After he won handily I tossed my cue onto the table and told him that I didn’t see how losing back here that was going to help me.  He had a sad look on his face as if he felt sorry for me and asked if I had read all the rules… especially the last one.

I walked over to the posted rules and started reading the rules more carefully.  The changes started up then.  I shrunk down six inches shorter and seemed to shed about a hundred pounds.  My body fat seemed to redistribute into soft feminine curves as my hair grew out and flowed down past my neck.  While the physical changes were incredibly disconcerting, it’s the changes going on in my mind that worried me.  Mentally I was picturing a sexy red head giving blow job after blow job.  When I seemed to stop changing I knew exactly what I must look like… I had somehow changed into the very redhead that was blowing in my mind.  I quickly skipped down to the last rule; Losing Sucks.  Losers Suck. 

As little as I wanted to, I felt compelled to turn to Jack, kneel down before him and pull out his hard throbbing cock.  As I took him in my mouth and started bobbing back and forth Jack simply said “Losing Sucks.  You’ll stay in this body until you win a game.  Every time you lose, you’ll feel that compulsion until you give him a blowjob.  Don’t worry, you’ll slowly get better at playing.  It only took me four months to win my first game.”

source: fuskator


  1. So this helps by teaching him to handle long cues, balls and getting things in a hole and erm..... nope that's it i'm out of innuendos !

  2. I Vann only imagine being her n ahhh the pleasure n pleasing up to that point n beyond