Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Only Place it Matters

Where does gender reside?

As soon as I burst onto the roof and into the sunlight I started ripping the clothes from me.  I could still feel the changes.  Every part of my body becoming more feminine.  How long had she kept me down there in these damnaable clothes?  Minutes, hours, days?  It didn’t matter, what mattered was stopping the shift.  She said the sunlight would stop the changes and I had to expose all of my flesh.

My heart sank as I stepped out of the heels and saw two dainty feet with colored toenails.  It was no longer a matter of staying male, it was now deciding just how feminine I’d be.  I felt the changes ramping up, my body still changing.  Slipping the skirt off and ripping the pantyhose away revealed long perfectly smooth legs.  Legs that could easily spread and wrap around their lover. The muffled cry from under my mask was dismayed as I clawed the panties away revealing lovely labia surrounded by perfectly trimmed pubic hair.  Taking the time to mourn my lost cock and balls resulted in my breasts growing out further.  By the time I had the wrap and bra off they were large, full, and surprisingly proud. 

Taking off the opera gloves was problematic, but the extra time left me with gentle arms and delicate hands tipped with glossy red fingernails.  Those fingernails clawed the mask away and let long shiny hair flow down my sensitive back.  I couldn’t see the results in my face, but my fingers traced my full plump lips.  When my hands reached up to throw the hat off, however, I paused.  I could still feel the changes happening.  Not in my body, but in my mind.  In my soul.

As my body basked nude in the sunlight I cried in frustration at the impossible decision before me.  Take the hat off and stay exactly as I am.  A man with a woman’s body.  To never feel right in the world, to be scared of my own form, and to spend eternity trying to hide it away.    Or let the changes finish.   Leave the hat on and let it change my gender in the only place it matters. 

source:  fuskator 


  1. With that title, it certainly wasn't the "place" I was thinking. Well-crafted and deep! Great work!

  2. Lose the inhibitions