Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Just A Game Right?

Who wouldn't want to play in the Smittyverse?!

So Candy (One Eyed Pirate on the Haven) made me a wonderful cross dressing cap.  As you probably know I really love a good cross dressing cap.  Sure, being magically transformed into a gorgeous big breasted porn star is always fun, it is so far beyond the realm of reality that it isn't even worth the thought of hoping that it will one day happen.  But cross dressing?  I mean yeah, its unlikely that I'll ever be a passable woman, but it is more likely than magic or nanites.  So they are always a little extra squirm worthy for me, and Candy's was no exception.

So to pay her back I wanted to hit that same sweet spot. I know she likes cross dressing, but it's the the same sweet spot that it is for me.  Instead what I think Candy really likes is getting drawn into a new reality.  This may be a Hentai video game, or a universe where she can cast spells and fights sissy making warlocks.  The only problem is that I don't really get the same kick out of using anime pictures.  They just don't inspire me the same way, and when I'm not inspired, I write like crap.  Instead of using an anime picture, I thought using a regular photo would work, and I could write up the story putting Jeff into a Virtual Reality Game.

I of course started with looking for a picture.  The criteria I used was simple... blonde, sexy, smutty and dirty.  Candy's a dirty girl after all!  I did use Candy's suggestion of models as a starting point, and found this image set while searching for Shawna Lenee.  To be honest, I'm not sure if this is Shawna Lenee's face, or her ass... but either way it's a blond sex goddess worthy of portraying Candy.

Next up came the story.  I stated writing and really got into the VR game aspect.  In fact I had to cut out almost an entire paragraph of Jeff playing various VR games.  Call of Duty 6 (getting shot in VR really does hurt), Diablo IV (casting spells makes his hair stand up on end), and Street Fighter VIII (gettng punched by VR Ryu is so real that Jeff tastes blood).  But really that part didn't add to the story.  I already had Mortal Kombat 7, and hopefully that would help set this into a future where VR tech works this well.

On my first pass I just called the game Threesome Fantasy 2.  But as I kept writing I realized that I wanted Jeff to be surprised by the adult nature of the game.  While considering alternate game titles it just hit me... Candy loves playing in Smitty's world... so why not have a game called Smittyverse?  I mean come on... for all the people that like caps similar to this, wouldn't you play in the Smittyverse?

Hell yeah you would.  And seeing as Candy is a fan of Smitty, I figured adding a smittyesque title would be fun... hence 'A Tale of Two Sissies'.

Once I had that down, the rest of the story flowed easily enough.  The only problem was its length.  To keep the text legible, I had to really make the photo fairly small.  Sure... I could have cut some of the story, but I really felt that it had a good rhythm going and didn't want to mess that up.

I hope Candy likes it!


  1. I love it, and I'm rather certain Candy will too! Such a fantastic game, I'm glad there's a time acceleration component to it or I'm sure plenty of people would vanish for days on end into their virtual orgies. I know I would.

    When I first saw the picture I thought "my that looks uncomfortable, but god its a sexy idea" Took me a moment to realize there were two girls in the picture :p

  2. Loved it & wish more did the "alternate realities" themes in TG caps which you did.

    You blended just enough "forced" with trickles of a few other things I enjoyed.

    All in all, you made another squirm worthy cap that I enjoyed hun, thanks again. ;9

    Plan on another CD themed cap as well, but this time with Calvin & Jeff getting into some misadvetures.

  3. I love this cap, and not just because it's in my universe in a way. It's got great build up and the slow reveal is a treat. You know what's going to happen, it's a tg cap after all, but it's fun to see the process anyway. Incidentally it also reminds me of the interactive series I'm working on now, so it's fun to see a different perspective.

  4. ohhh.....I so want this

  5. This is a fantastic caption. Really one of my all time favorites.