Monday, May 14, 2012

How to Cop a Plea

And you thought being transformed was always a dream come true!

So owed Dee a cap.  As I've mentioned times before, I try to do something different for Dee whenever I cap her, so I figured this might be a good idea to explore an idea I had floating in the back of my head for awhile.  The idea wasn't really revolutionary, but I hadn't explored it before;  What would the NEXT 10 minutes be like?

I think Rauk's last cap really brought this idea back to me.  So with just that little bit in mind (and of course keeping in mind no penis in a Dee cap), I started looking for images.  I tend to get drawn into goth girls for Dee so when I came across this image set, I liked it.  The image in the first panel is just as it appeared to me... I didn't crop it at all.

When I looked at that image what I got was nervousness.  Not nervousness like 'oh my goodness, I'm a woman!', but 'Hey copper, stop interrogating me!' So without a real ending in mind I just started writing.  The scene to me was Damien woke up in this body with cops all around not knowing what happened.  But as |I wrote and wrote, I realized that I would need something more for the ending.  And of course more story means another image.

Since I had already established 'Dee' without a face, I figured I would stay with that.  So my main criteria for the next image was something that I could crop the face from, and still have it be an interesting photo.  The photo in the 2nd panel met that criteria... but what the hell was I going to do with the playboy?

I thought about having Dee picking it up out of nervousness, but that's hard to write in a dialog only format.  I thought about putting the 'note' in the playboy, but that just didn't come out very smoothly.  And then it hit me that she's sitting back in her seat, as opposed to sitting forward (like in the first photo).  Almost as if she was shocked.

That's when the idea came to me to use Simone.  Before I had been using Steffi (as Petra and Steffi on the haven are very close).  But Simone has the advantage of not only having a last name, but a well established character that changes men into women, and not always politely.  So I thought of Simone as a villian.... which of course changed the tone of the story to one of 'what just happened' to one of 'wait, I didn't do that!'.

But as I was approaching the end, it was still missing something.  Ironically, Dee was online at the time and we were chatting.  One of the things that came up was the 'HA' caption.  A caption that really has no other purpose than to make someone laugh.  My caption "Where the hell is...." is a good example of that.  No story, no dialog... just funny.  Dee mentioned one that was a picture of Mothra with the text "I said I wish to be Martha... MARTHA!"

And that's when I realized what was missing.  A zinger ending.  I could erase all the dark story (murder plot) that I had started by a quick joke.  That let me write out the last two paragraphs quickly, and become happy with the story.

I mean... come on... who hasn't had a fantasy of not only being a woman, but being in a woman's prison!?

Oh... and funny side story.  Once I cropped the image down for the 2nd panel, I KNEW that I recognized those breasts... but I just couldn't place them.  It only hit me once I posted it.  This is the same girl from "Literature for the Mind, Body, and Soul".  A cap I made just over a year go!


  1. This would certainly make for an interesting episode of CSI or law and order. I was caught off guard by the humorous twist at the end of a increasingly dark story.

    "In the female prison, there are seventy women. And I wish to God it was with them, that I did dwell."

  2. As I posted to the Haven ...

    The last line really did tie the caption together, sort of like Lebowski's rug.

    It does beg some questions though, like if Simone's body is still there, then who was in there if Simone was a time traveling seductress? And if I go to women's prison, I hope the warden looks like Sybil Danning. I'm sure I'll have a few shower scenes to remember!

    BTW, Steffi and Steffie are two different people. Steffie is ShySteffie on the Haven .. she and Pea are the bestest buddies and both admins there. Steffi is Steffimariechen.

    and Yes, Simone can be a villainess. Many people have used her or me as a way of changing people. I wouldn't hesitate to use Lady Victoria as one as well. In fact, I think I've had Simone and Victoria as "cohorts" or a coven of dommes in a few captions. When I was writing the second sissy maid caption I just posted a few minutes ago .. I imagined that it was those two that were coming over that night to watch the festivities.

    1. Oof... the Steffie/Steffi issue was simply a misspelling on my part (unlike the issue I had earlier with Courtney).

      As for the body of Simone... hmm.. I didn't intend there to be any body. What I had in my head was Simone targeted Pete and started going out with him. She decided that Pete would make a good little Petra, and went to transform him. Pete got a call out to Damien but was already transformed when Damian arrived. Simone then incapacitated Damian, transformed him into Dementia, and then set her up with the note, a gun, and a faked playboy issue. She then called the police and took her Petra home.

  3. I love the way you flipped the tone with the last line. The whole story plays off the expectations of tg captions really well; first by going against the concept that being transformed is almost always a good thing, and then switching back at the last second.

  4. Oh what tricks we play! Who's to say what happened here? I'll never tell. . . .

    My dear, this is a masterpiece in storytelling. It's all the small things (like using no face) that make this one work so well. You found a way to tell a fun story and even gave it a lightened ending. Beautifully executed.

  5. Caitlyn, great cap and a great story, I stumbled across theese pics a while ago looking for a cap for Dee I think, and went in another direction, and I am glad you used them, what I would have done with them doesn't do this justice!