Saturday, February 2, 2013


Are you a user?  Or the one getting used?

So earlier this week (or was it last week?  I have so much time on my hands that it's hard to remember), Britney and I were chatting, and we got to talking about the books from Anne Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles".  Specifically how they might be making "The Tale of the Body Thief" into another movie.

It didn't hit me right then, but later that night I thought it might make a good premise for a cap.  Not the whole Lestat thing, but being a creature that steals bodies.  I thought it might be fun to have someone being really happy to get into a new body.  It was late though, so I just put the idea in the back of my head and went about my business.

Well tonight I found myself in a down mood again.  I figured since I was able to make "The Note" while in a mood like this, that I may as well take advantage of it.  Initially I wasn't going to use the body thief idea, but when I saw this image it came rushing back.  But instead of being happy about it.. this would be a real thief.  A person who doesn't care what his victim thinks.  A person who doesn't care whether he's male or female, but always switches so that his victim ends up as the opposite gender.

So with that idea I wrote.  I wanted to keep it hidden, at least for a little bit, as to what was going on, but may have actually made it a bit short.  I'm not sure where else I would have gone with the story, and maybe leaving it vague enough gives people room to write their own interesting parts.... but I was done when I was done.   Much like writing this post....

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  1. Nice and squirmy take on the 'Body Thief" plotline... and what an adorable source model... can I bounce a quarter off of her booty, PLEASE?!?