Tuesday, August 11, 2015


It's all about the thirst

They said replacing one addiction with another is a bad thing.  But when I tried to stop drinking, I needed… something.   So any time the urge came up to drink, I’d just head over to my favorite TG sites.  I’d read stories and role play and look at caps until the urge to drink was forgotten.  But damn if it’s not strong.  Eventually I tried had to step it up… so I secretively and embarrassingly bought my first pair of stockings. 

The urge was easily quenched as putting the stockings on made me focus on the silky smooth feelings.  But that faded, and the thirst came back.  So I shaved my legs which made the stockings even more potent.  But the thirst came back.  So bought more… panties, bras, even a see through baby doll.  And that worked for a while… but that thirst. 

It’s been four years now and I’m ready to admit that I’ll never be any more than a recovering alcoholic.  I’ll never be fully recovered.  They were right.  One addiction can’t replace another.  I’m now addicted to this feeling and I’ll do anything to make myself feel more feminine.  Tonight I’m taking the next step.  I’ll see just how strong this feminine feeling is over the thirst…. I’m going to the bar as Mary!

source:  erotic sets 2010

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