Sunday, August 30, 2015

Drop The Charade

Let's stop pretending

You know I think it’s about time we dropped this whole charade.  Deep down you know I didn’t force you into anything.  What?  You don’t believe me?  You are going to lie there as you take my throbbing cock into your mouth and act like this is all on me?  OK then, while we work on your deep throating technique let’s go over how exactly this wasn’t your choice all along the way.

That first night when I confronted you…. No no, keep your eyes on me… that first night when I had all of your TG fiction, hypno videos, and caps all on the computer screen and told you that I was going to do all of that to you.  You remember that right?  What did I say to you?  I told you that I was going to throw out all of your boy clothes in the morning.  That every pair of boxers had been replaced by a frilly pair of panties.  That every pair of tube socks had been replaced by stockings and pantyhose.  That all of your T-shirts were now pink and had lace on them.  That all of your jeans and were now skirts.  You couldn’t get past all the girly clothes, but what’s the key part of that comment… morning.  I gave you a full 12 hours to protect your stuff.  A lock on the door, moving them out to storage… hell you could have simply and firmly told me no.  But you didn’t.  You laid here and cried. 

I then laid out the next six months to you.  I told you how you’d be doing all the chores around the apartment in your new lingerie.  I told you how I’d train you to be my cute attentive housewife.  I told you I’d bring in experts to teach you deportment, makeup, and hairstyling.  I told you I’d make a set of rules for you to live by and that if you broke any rules that I’d spank you like a little girl.  I told you that I’d teach you how to perform oral and crave the taste not only of my cock but my cum.  I told you that that I’d start feeding you hormones that would help smooth out your skin and musculature.  I told you that you’d grow your hair out and only get it styled at the beauty salon.  I told you that when the time was right I’d take your virginity and teach you how to fuck like a whore. 

And what did you do to prevent any of this?  You wrote your parents and told them you wouldn’t be home for Christmas.  You quit your job.  You dropped out of school.  You did everything I told you to do.  You never once told me no.    Sure, you’d say you didn’t want this but you couldn’t provide a stitch of objective evidence that contradicted your deep down desire to be a girl.  To be my girl. 

Sure, the stakes got a little higher every day, but you could have stopped this at any time.  You could have told me no that first night.  You could have refused to wear your new clothes.  You could have told that make up artist that you didn’t want to learn.  You could have refused to put on your makeup every morning.  And at any time you could have left?  Oh… that would have been humiliating?  But if your’e telling the truth that you don’t want to be my little cum dumpster, wouldn’t have the humiliation of walking down to the clothes store in your daisy dukes and heels and buying some boy clothes been less humiliating?  Wouldn’t it have been less humiliating to go to some random barber to get your hair cut short again?  It’s not like the door was locked or you were chained up.  The flimsy barriers you made up in your head were the only things hold you here.  Of course it would have been embarrassing to leave…. But you didn’t.  You stayed here knowing that what was going to happen.

No… it’s time we stopped pretending.  I like having you as my girl.  You like having me as your guy.  You need me to keep teaching and training you.    

source:  fuskator


  1. No one has replied to this yet? Jeez! All the sissies must be working on their tans or something!

    I think your obscura can work both ways. Sometimes it is just a piece of what you'd probably do a caption, and other times .. like this one, it gives you a chance to just write more and not have to worry about editing it down for a single panel or scrounge for more pictures from the same set to stretch it out for all the text you've written up.

    Great job!

    1. Thanks Dee! It IS very liberating to just write. No concern about how long or short to make the text. No worry about where I'll place it, or if I have to put a natural break into to in order to split the story up for two panels. Just write!

    2. Yea so much easier :-) Slap a pic and write!