Friday, August 7, 2015

Slave to... whomever

Submission is submission.  Feminine delights are feminine delights.

It was the answer to both of our fantasies.  Both Ivy and I had established our lives, but wanted to try something different.  Ivy had been with her dominant boyfriend and wanted to try being the dominant in a relationship.  I had always been the pinnacle of masculinity and wanted to try being feminine and soft.  This spell would let us both live out those fantasies.  Once cast, it would enslave my body to the person closest to me. 

It was…. Well it was amazing.  Ivy changed me from a six foot two stack of muscle and masculinity to a mirror image of her own five foot one assemblage of curves and femininity.  She explored her dominance over me while I got to experience every feminine dream.  When she ran back to her place I eagerly waited for her return… she promised playing with toys would add even more excitement. 

Hearing her come back into the apartment I laid out on the bed in a seductive pose making sure to please my new temporary mistress.  I’m not sure if the shiver running down my spine was surprise, or the spell changing me again, but when the bedroom door opened I knew I was in trouble.

“I have to admit that when you called me and told me you wanted me back in your life Ivy, I was surprised.  Now turn around and let me show you what that wimpy new boyfriend could never provide… a true Master!”

source:  fuskator

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