Saturday, August 1, 2015

Complete - Incomplete

I was this.  Now I'm less.

Everyone thinks they understands my wish… they just see it as an equation.  They assume what I gave up was bad and what I received was good.  Let’s look at those equations and see how it adds up;

  • I was a man.  Now I’m a woman.
  • I worshiped women from afar.  Now men use me up close and personal.
  • I was financially poor, now I’m economically wealthy.
  • I had several incredibly close relationships.  Now I have thousands of friends who don’t want to really know me.
  • I was focused on pleasing those around me, as it gives me happiness.  Now others try to physically please me, but only for their own pleasure.
  • I had no political power, but supported others.  I now have political power but can’t support myself.
  • My soul was full and replenished those around me.  Now my soul is slowly chipped away as those near me take what they want.
  • I was confident in my own skin, never having to prove my masculinity.  Now I’m confused and embarrassed and constantly having to prove my femininity.
  • I and everybody around me were happy.  Now only those that take from me gain happiness leaving me wallowing in lonely despair.

I was complete.  Now I’m incomplete.

source:  fuskator


  1. Nice juxtaposition between this and the last caption. Well done!

    1. Thanks Dee! I actually wrote Incomplete - Complete as a one off. I had this image held back as I knew there was a story in it. After publishing Incomplete - Complete and then looking at it again, I realized the story could be told in a mirror version. It was fun, but entirely unplanned.