Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bleary Eyed

Always check out what you see in the mirror!

This rarely happens to me.  I sit down at the computer with absolutely no intention to make a cap.  In all honestly I was going to play a game and do some mundane web browsing.  But I have my start page as 'iGoogle' where you can have several gadgets.  I have one for the top news stories, one for my email, one for the recent lotto numbers, and one for the 'Interesting Photo of the Day' from Flickr.  I have been inspired to cap from a couple photos, but that normally happens when I am already in the mood to cap.  Not out of the blue, like this photo.

When I saw it, the story hit me like a ton of bricks.  Guy wakes up half hungover and still half asleep and doesn't notice the changes until he look at himself in the mirror.  It was such a strong instinct that I snagged the photo, tossed it into Photoshop, opened up Word and started typing.  On a lark I threw the name Niels in, intending it to be placeholder (I have such a hard time deciding upone male and female names when it isn't made for someone in particular and I don't want to use Calvin/Caitlyn again).  And before you wonder how the name Niels entered my head, it's the masculine name for Martha.  But as the story drew out, I realized this was right in Martha's preferences.  So why not just leave the name and give it to her, as obviously she was lurking in my subconsciousness.

I noticed after I posted it that I didn't explain what was in my head.  I'm sure it won't bother many people, but just to explain I figured Neils was living with his girlfriend Martha.  The 'old hag' he yelled at was a gypsy and she cursed him to look like the woman he had wronged figuring it he would end up looking like her.  But as he had just made out with a cute co-ed (cheating on his girlfriend) he ended up looking like her.  Like Martha.

This cap won't win any prize, but for me it will always be special.  I completed it from seeing the photo, to posting it at the Haven in less than 15 minutes.  That is an all time record for me!


  1. Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog

    You;re right that this one is one of your ground-breaking visual stunners, but it is clean, professional, nicely written, and will bowl over Martha when she gets it :)

    Not bad for not even planning on a caption :)