Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Seventeen

Just some fun fluff

So while I was looking for images to use in "Please Wake Up" I came across this image.  I loved her pose, as if she was both showing off her body, and yet trying to hide it.  I loved her expression of patient anticipation.  I loved the lighting and the black and white (no, I didn't steal the color from this one).  And I loved the fact that she was out in some apparent farm yard.

But after looking at it for a few minutes, no idea for a story came to me.  So I kept looking and finished up with "Please Wake Up".  When I was finished, I went about my normal post cap routine.  Save the cap(s) one last time, close Photoshop, close Word, and close each tab in Google Chrome.

And lo and behold, this image was till open in a tab.  Just as I placed the pointer over the little X to close it, this idea came to me.  This person (sissy? shemale? man? woman?) was slowly transformed.  Just a little change each day.  This was well into the process, and she (he?) was told to wait for the farm hands to come in from the field, showing herself off.

I went from no idea, to that idea in just a few seconds.  And while I had a headache coming on and wasn't really in the mood to cap again, I just couldn't resist writing up the story.

So I opened up word, moved the browser over so I could her peeking out behind the word processor, and started typing.  It wasn't the smoothest writing I've ever done, and I ended up doing a lot of in process editing.  And to be honest, I'm not entirely happy with the story.  But I felt that it got the gist of what I was trying to convey.  I purposefully left it ambiguous as to how our little lady friend here felt about the process, and that's where a lot of the editing came in.  You see every other sentence was either an expression of how happy and excited she was, or how embarrassed and humiliated she was.  And both sentiments worked.  So I kept taking them out and figured I would add one or the other in.

But when I got done and read it from start to finish I couldn't decide.  So I left them out, and hopefully you readers will be able to put your own spin on her feelings.


  1. Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
    ADORE the pic/pose.... Love the layout.... You have me thinking about copying the vertical titles :)

    The story is quick, and to the point... a little short for my personal taste, but very well written. Combined with pic/layout, a very awesome caption :)

    I love when the caption bug bites you!


    Thank You!

  2. Again, great tale, pretty model, and your use of a B&W pic is great! Sexy as hell.

  3. Thank you ladies! I appreciate the kind words!

    You can feel free to 'copy' the vertical titles with my full blessing. I mean how could I possibly complain when I took the idea from someone else (I think it was Mistress Simone, but I'm not sure)?

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