Friday, January 13, 2012

No More Stealing for Ronald

Hypnosis used for good!

So as I said in my write up for "ReLive Vacations", I had a very basic idea of an idea for Steffi.  That idea was that Ron was a younger guy, and desired to be a girl.  But he was conflicted about his own feelings.  He would love them, and hate them in equal measure.  So in steps the sister, who lovingly changes him into what he wants.

Now my mind doesn't always flow along these lines.  You know me... I want unwilling... I want forced... I want hardcore.  So that part of my mind kept pushing its way in, and kept trying to trip it up.  And some of those darker ideas are still here, but I tried my best to keep this an awww style loving cap.

Now what I needed was a picture.  I found a nice little site that has some beautiful photographs for computer wallpapers.  Here are a couple I looked at before settling on the woman with the headset:

I love this image.  But what I love about it... her expression... doesn't fit that loving feeling.  She looks more upset, or afraid to me.  I might come back and make a darker cap based on this image, as I keep hearing Morpheuss voice from the Matrix "Pick the pink cocktail and you'll stay a woman.  Pick the Blue cocktail and you'll fall in love with the next man you meet"

This one was a little more up the alley I wanted.  But when I tried ti think of why she was sitting outside... my mind just came up with a big blank.  She's cute, she seems happy (or at least happy enough), there are details to use in the background (tree, outside, bike...)... but no story came to mind.  And certainly not a variety of what I already had in mind.

Thankfully I did find the one I used.  I didn't do much to it besides cropping it down.  The background was just straight black, so I wasn't even obscuring anything, and had plenty of room to cover it up.  And with this image, the idea of hypnosis came up.  I mean come on... doesn't she just look like she's being hypnotized? So now I just had to put it into story form.

The first draft went... well again, it went dark.  Ron's sister caught him stealing panties, and forced him through hypnosis to become a girly sissy.  Yea, it was nice and I got a little thrill out of it, but just as Steffi went darker than she normally does on "Puppet" for me (and if you haven't read that, then go over and read it NOW!), I wanted to go lighter than I normally do for her.  Plus, these are creative wings that I rarely get to stretch out.  Also after reading Steffi's "Manifesto" I wanted to touch upon that.  How would her life be if this DID happen to her.

I did, however, keep the format of 'Tammy' talking to someone else.   In my head I pictured it being a friend of Tammy's, but I left that up to you the reader.  Mainly because it wasn't in the first draft, and I was already cutting pieces out, so I just didn't have room to put something in.  But hey... if you read this and saw that mysterious voice as Ron's buddy, then so be it.

I didn't bring anything new design wise to this.  But before I even had the story written, I had this laid out.  My only problem was all that blank black space around her head.  It came to me pretty quickly to use the same thing I did in "Win Win" as that cap seemed to be pretty popular.  But instead of it being Tammy's voice talking to Mandy, it's the subliminal messages.

I don't know how the story will go over, as I'm not the best judge at warm hearted stories, but I like it.


  1. Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
    Well Caitlyn,

    I'm no expert in warm-hearted caps, either :)

    I am an expert in what I like, and I ADORE this caption!

    At the risk of repeating myself from RH, the picture is just PERFECT :)

    The story is nice and sweet, with just enough of an undercurrent of forced/tricked to give it some edge...

    I've never, ever had a cap hit MORE of my buttons :) An extremely few have equaled it in buttons pushed, but nobody's even come close to surpassing it :)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Too much?


  2. I have to so agree with Steffi, it is a totally cool caption and hits so many of my buttons. Part of that cold be that I have been into Hypnosis since i was a teen and still love it.

    your captions are so great I am going to have to follow your great work. xx Jenni

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