Friday, January 27, 2012

Stealing Masculinity

Even Alpha Stud thief's can't win

So I owed smitty a cap.  I have to admit I really like capping smitty.  We share some of the same preferences, but she really likes the hardcore images.  Its like a ticket to be as slutty and dirty as I want.  So when I search images for her, I tend to go for fairly raunchy images.  The only issue is that I really prefer to use studio quality images, and a lot (most) of the really hard core images are less than stellar looking.

But this time I vowed to find something that would please us both.  I stumbled upon a great site...  It not only has some great hard core images, but they are all very large.  So I spent quite a while there searching and enjoying it.  I found a lot of great images to use, but they didn't inspire any stories... until I came across these ones.

The fact that the guy doing the fucking was just so damned hairy, in contrast to the gal's smooth skin made me think of him getting stronger and hairier every time he fucked her.  So with the anal image as inspiration I went to writing.  I let myself wander around while writing, and came up with something quite longer than what I expected.  I could easily make this into two panels, but as I read the first half, I didn't exactly have a good image to use.  So I looked around a bit (both at fuskator and google images) for a hairy guy fucking someone.  That way I could edit the story a bit to fit the image, and I would have Dominic fucking the girl in the first panel, and Bubbles getting fucked in the second one.

But that was really a no go from the start.  Sure there are a few images of hairy guys fucking, but none matched up with the quality of the anal image.  While letting my mind wander I looked through the other images in the series, and realized that I could make one of these work.  The anal shot doesn't really show off her face that much.  So I picked the kissyblowjob pic.  Now while I wrote it into the first half, it can also be seen as a precursor image... that its actually bubbles kissing Calvin's cock.  Either way you see it, I think it works.

But like most of the times where I write first, and find an image second, it isn't as smooth as I would like.  I mean its either an image that doesn't directly match the story in the first panel (bubbles kissing Calvin), or it matches up with the middle of the story in that panel.  And I prefer for the image to match either the beginning or the ending of the story in a particular panel.

Also, I'm not sure how I feel about the text boxes.  I'm not anal enough myself  to require the boxes be exactly the same in each panel, but these are in the same position, but very different in size.  I've used both positions before... having the text box be bigger than the photo like in the first panel, and having the text box be smaller than the photo like in the second panel.  But I've never done them both in a series cap.

But take these small concerns out, and I have to admit that I really like the story.  Its not all that original, but I think its different enough to sit on its own.


  1. First of all, thanks for letting me know about the site. It's a great source for images.

    Onto the cap...I loved the idea of his plan backfiring on him, and you captured that all encompassing arrogance I use so often in my own caps perfectly.

    I also loved the way you described the slow transformation, losing masculinity more and more with each humiliating surrender. It really builds to the climax well, and the image selection for that is perfect. The look of resignation on her face captures her never ending torment perfectly.

    I thought the text boxes worked perfectly, by the way. They fit each individual panel well and you don't think about how they match with the previous panel when reading it.

    I agree that it can be tough to match story to image, but I'm glad you went the way you did instead of trying to force the story to fit an exact image. I'd rather see them not match 100% and have an image that evokes the story over all than an image that isn't as effective or a story that just flatly describes what's happening in the story.

    I always love the caps you make for me, and this one is no exception. Thanks so much.

  2. Great story! I wish I had a spell to give all my masculinity away. I would love to be as beautiful and feminine as Bubbles is