Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Girls Don't Kiss Each Other

Or do they?

I was in a capping mood, but I was also hanging out at DX.  While searching for an image to spark an idea, two of the girls in the chat joked how they were talking about baseball.  In other words they had just gotten to 'first base' in a private chat.  Thankfully this image popped up, and a quick story came to me.  It wasn't much... two guys see a couple of girls making out, complain that girls shouldn't kiss each other, then get transformed by a nearby spirit/witch/gypsy/genie into two girls.  They immediately pounce upon one another and have to stay that way until they learn something.

The story wasn't anything special, so when I started to write it, I firmly put my tongue in my cheek and tried to write it humorously.   I left gist of the story in a serious way, but I wanted people to still get a chuckle.  And as I've always found it a little odd that people run into witches and gypsy's every day, I figured I would give our gypsy fortune teller a good job at a mall kiosk.  And we have all seen those kiosks that sell everything under the sun.

So I got to writing.  The story that I wrote in the first take is basically what you see here.  When I was sliding it into the design, I did have to add a bit to the last paragraph to make it long enough to sit over the edge of the photo, and not just under it.  That just looked wrong.

Oh, and since the girls at DX helped inspire the image I took went ahead and used their names.  This isn't really personalized toward them, as I don't know their exact preferences, nor their preferred male names, but I figured they might get a kick in seeing their names here.


  1. Great sense of humor .. I think that gypsy might be related to someone else that works in the mall and likes to work in his bathrobe!

    And I must be hanging around the wrong malls, since I don't usually see girls making out in bikinis! Let me know the next time YOU go s we can get a new cell phone plan!

  2. Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
    Cheeky sense of humor, and of course, a wonderful layout and pic :)

    You're killin' me.. /JK

    Awesome stuff!

  3. Love the last line and defiantly love the layout. Coloring and picture blend so well together. It's a technical marvel as much as it is a button pusher.

  4. If I buy a pink telephone, can I get the same plan as those two girls?

    Very fun caption Caitlyn! The best part to me, which is surprising to me since It's not the two hot girls making out, is the gypsy cell phone shop keeper you created. Love to see more from her and what other plans she has to offer. *giggle*