Thursday, January 12, 2012

ReLive Vacations

So what would YOU do on your vacation?

Really this is just a piece of fluff. I hadn't done something really dirty (picture wise) in a while, and wanted to just make a good classic punch in the gut visceral cap.  And since the only person I owe a cap to is Steffi, I didn't want to make something like that for her.  In fact I have a very basic idea in the back of my head for her cap, and as she went very serious and dark in the cap she made for me, I am going to go very fun and light in the cap for her.

The original idea I had for this was a vacation where you perform as you want, then swap bodies to re live it out.  So picture wise, I was imagining two images of a blow job.  One of them the woman would be really into it and enjoying it, while the other was a more 'oh no' type expression.   It would have been a couple where the woman signed up for the vacation with her boyfriend/husband unaware of what would happen later.

But while searching for those images, I came across this one.  And man... what an image.  I couldn't even go past it.  It wasn't what I wanted as it was a single picture, with no other images in the series available.  So I had to rejigger the concept a bit.  And actually I think it added a little more 'punch in the gut'.  Its one thing for your girlfriend to trick you, but quite another when you are hoisted by your own petard.

Anyway... nothing really special here.  Read. Squirm. Move on.


  1. I love it... its a great idea. Can you make more like these?

  2. Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
    I can see why the pic grabbed your attention!

    While it's not your "best" writing/story, as far as plot,, it IS a powerful and evocative piece... Sometimes less IS more. If you had cluttered it with a huge complex backstory, it would have detracted from the emotional impact of the "hoist by his own petard"/revenge flavor..

    I liked it.. I liked it a LOT :)

    FYI, you don't "owe" me a caption... I made one for you out of gratitude for your support and advice, with no expectations :)