Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Remote For Alexia

A girl just has to have her toys right?

This started out as just another cap in the style of "Some Things Are The Same".  A picture that got me interested and told me a quick story.  Nothing deep, nothing special.  I figured what we had here was a cross dresser about half dressed in the bathroom, and her room mate comes home unexpectedly.  I started to write the story with her hiding inside the shower, but when I looked at the image closer, I saw that she was standing outside of it (you can barely see the shower head behind the curtain).

So it wasn't exactly what I thought, but she can still be stuck inside the bathroom, just not the shower itself.  I was about a quarter of the way through making it when I got called away from the computer.  I saved my work (hey, this story didn't required a lot of thought, as its premise is straight out of a dozen or more caps, and many tg stories), and figured I would finish it up later.

But when I came back and looked at the image, I thought of something new to add.  What if instead of just being afraid of being found out, she was afraid for another reason?  Like her room mate was out in the living room and doing something that effected her in the bathroom?

That's where the idea of the remote came in.  I'm actually happy about the interruption now, as otherwise this would be a dramatically different story.


  1. Caitlyn, I'm a new visitor and love your site! Today's cap matches the text and image very well with a keen attention to detail.lovely.
    The humorous twist at the end is adorable.

  2. Alice, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! I love hearing from new visitors!