Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Closer Than Before

Hard Core Lovin!

I had a cap owed to greatgooglymoogly and I have to admit that I was kinda excited to make it.  You see Googs and I role play over at DX, and recently we've been involved together in a scene where my character has Googs' character as a slave for 24 hours.  It has been an absolute blast to play it out, and I think I'm coming closer to some buttons to push for Googs.

Now admitedy I didn't use all of these buttons, because while I believe that she likes them, they are a little different than her listed preferences.  For instance we both enjoyed part of the scene when I had her up on stage, giving out oral sex to all comers.  Her 'customers' ended up being two guys and one girl.  But in her preferences she lists that she prefers lesbian sex.  And in her preferences she doesn't really talk about wanting to be enslaved, while also mentioning that she enjoys having the transformation bring her and her girlfriend/wife closer together.

So I found the image in the 2nd panel and started working from that.  Her expression is halfway between happy and upset, so I played with that for a bit.   I quickly realized that the story I had building could easily spill over to more than one panel, so I went back and looked at the rest of the series.  I chose the first one as I think it helped establish the story.  Plus her expression was less happy, and I wanted to move from her being upset about the change, to being happy about it.

I got the first panel done, and moved onto the second.  But while I liked what I wrote for it, I didn't have a good ending.  I wanted 'Nick/Daphne' to end up understanding why 'Becca' was doing this, and I just ran out of space.  Thankfully Googs likes series, so I went back to the images and picked out this last one.  Now to be honest, I didn't like this as the final image.  Its nice, but its also very similar to the first.  But the only other option that I had was this:

I like the expression, but I don't like the 'action' going on.  I didn't want to make 'Daphne' a cuckold, but rather make her a girl that loves her girlfriend Becca.  So I chose the path of least resistance and went with the image in the third panel.

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  1. I love when you do multi panel caps like this, the story is always more involved =) I love it!