Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Things Are The Same

And some things are a little different.

Not much to say about this one.  I wanted to cap for the last few days, but I either couldn't find the time, or when I did get the time I just froze up.  Now the freezing up isn't all that worrisome.  I owe smitty a cap, and to be honest I like to give smitty good work.  Not just that, but most of the caps I've made for smitty have been some of the most popular I've made since opening up this blog.

So that pressure is what was keeping me from writing freely.  I decided today to just push that asside, and make a quick cap.  I know smitty would understand.  Humorously enough I searched for 'Sexy Ass' in Google images.  This is one of the first to pop up, and I really liked it.  The first thing I though of was what it feels like to have a pair of panties work its way between your cheeks.  And since my recent purchase of some thong panties, I now know that feeling.

And yea... it does feel like your underwear when it works its way between your cheeks.  Its not exactly the same, but close.  So that inspired this quick story.  I did go to the image source to see if I could find any other images in this series, hoping maybe to extend the story out a bit more.  But when I went to the source it was another blog.  The post had just this image and no words beyond the title, which was "Sexy Ass"

Sexy Ass Indeed.

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