Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Its nice to find a company that stands behind their guarantee!

I swear I don't think I have been interrupted this many times while making a cap.  After making "What Nichole Wants" this morning, I was in the mood to cap.  I owed one to XtremeCSSA (also known as Kira), and I was really looking forward to diving in.  The one thing that I really remember about Kira's preferences was she liked bondage.  I recall that because I never feel like I've hit that particular preference hard enough.

So I went off to Google Images and looked around, but ended up disapointed.  So I next went to fuskator and looked around there.  Most of the bondage images were either video captures, or 'snapshot' style photographs.  But when I saw this one, that didn't matter at all.  I just loved the positioning and angle of the photo.

The rest of the series shows this girl being tied up in various positions around a gym, and that gave me a rough idea.  I mean come on... gyms are always promising you the 'body you want!'.  I know others have taken that path, but I figured I could write up something at least somewhat unique.

But at that point with just the image and a sliver of an idea, I heard the phone ring.  I ended up spending about an hour on the phone.  When I got back, it took me awhile to get back into the capping mindset. When I did, I started writing... and thats when I realized I hadn't actually read Kira's preferences in awhile.  So I head over to the Haven, and see that Kira has almost nothing listed in her trading folder for prefernces. So I click on the link to look directly at the preferences she has in the database... but the link just sends me back to the home page.

So to figure out what names she prefers (I was thinking Kevin), I actually had to bring up one of my older caps that I made for her.  With the name in mind, I start writing... and when I finish the first paragraph some company comes over.  So I have to save my work, lock down the computer and entertain for awhile.

When I finally see my friends off and get back into capping... I get called away for a dinner date.  When I get back and into capping, House comes on (and I rarely miss an episode of House).  So I finally get back and finish the design tonight. About 12 hours after I expected to have it published.

Now this disjointed capping method made me a little wary.  I normally have an idea of what I want out of a cap when I start.  But the writing was interupted enough times that the story felt a little long.  I didn't want to cut any of it, but it still feels long.  And of course that long story means the design I had in my head wouldn't work.  Sure, its just a matter of moving text boxes around, but I played with just that for about 30 minutes.

Hopefully Kira will like it.


  1. A very strong image... Hard to resist ;)

    I'm sure Kira will love it... If not, I'm sure two and half more years of training will help!


  2. I'm sure "I" will love it ;)

    Although, I can be quite the fighter! :P