Monday, April 16, 2012

Cosplay Characterizations

Watch out who you mouth off too!

This was made both in response to a Challenge I received recently, and as a return cap for Angel.  Since the challenge involved Cosplay and Angel really likes that, I figured she would really get a kick out of this one.

Obviously since I had a challenge, I had the framework of a story.  Cosplay, Erotic, Sexy, and Naughty.  But the only big problem is finding sexy erotic naughty cosplay photos.  Sexy and erotic aren't to hard as most of the costumes ensure that they'll be sexy and erotic.  But naughty?  I don't think I've ever seen a photo of a naughty cosplayer.   Nudes?  Yes.  Naughty?  No.

So I knew from the get go that the 'naughty' side would have to be in the story.  I just hoped that I could get some more inspiration from the photo other than a sexy cosplayer.  When I found these images, they screamed sexy and erotic, but that second pose.... I played it out in my head that she had something inserted into her, and that's why she was bent forward like that.

So I sat back and looked at the image, trying to figure out how Eric got into this position.  It was easy enough to put him at a cosplay convention, and for the heck of it I just pictured him there with a friend (Jeremy in this case is Jennifer's male alter ego).  I originally thought of Jeremy and Eric going back and forth about how easy the girls at the convention can get free stuff just by dressing up sexy.  But I never pictured 'Eric' as an asian man... sure I could give him an asian name and just act like he was, but her preferences on the Haven say that she starts as Caucasian.   As my picture had an obviously asian girl, I couldn't go down that route without having a long explanation of how Eric picked to be that way.

While thinking it through, I realized that it was pretty sexist of them to be thinking that way and considered having one of the women there change them.  I kind of liked that idea, and as I fleshed it out, I wanted this woman to be a characters, so she changed from some random woman to Eric's girlfriend 'Caitlyn' (hey... I like being the agent of change once in awhile!).  That was enough information to get me writing.

Being that I had to put the 'naughty' solely in he story, I decided to go hell for leather and add more than just a blow job or fuck scene.  I wanted Angel to experience a lot of sex.  But by making that decision, I also more or less decided to not get to graphic.  I just wouldn't have the space to write up the descriptions of all the sex scenes.  I tried to make up for it by adding a little humor to it (Inyuasha's sword, Duke Nukem's gum...).

I had written enough that I didn't think I needed to put in the whole 'vibrator' into the story.  But as I went into design, I realized that the story was FAR to big to go into a single cap.  And when I added the 2nd panel I was about a paragraph short of having equal text.  So one of my original ideas came back to save me.  And since I hadn't used Jeremy in the story (but forgot to take him out of the beginning) I thought it only fitting to add him in at the last.


  1. Naughty, yet funny as well. Nice story!

  2. Wait, you're saying she wasn't waiting for a guy to suck off? Must be another Caitlyn xp

    A sexy and funny story with two very sexy pictures! It's really easy to see her affirming to hide a vibe buzzing away in her panties.

    On a side note, did you know that Inuyasha's voice actor is Richard Cox? Who names their kid Dick Cox?

  3. Mwahahahah I've seen those naughty bits... and you don't want to see them Cait... trust me! my eyes were bleeding from shitty porn. Oh the worst from the worst on porn comes from Asian porn and shensi sailors costumes (Q_Q)

    Excellent caption. I think I've never done a cosplay caption, nor have one (I want candy...) ummm where was I? Ah! yes, I think Alectra would totally rock as Bayonetta or Ivy much better. From Anime Queen's Blade is a good source for "huge go all free fans material" xD

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra