Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Job At The Ranch

Employment never sounded so good.

Nothing really special about this one.  I was just in the mood to cap and looking for some images when this one came up.  Her pose, her action and her facial expression all caught my eye, and I got the basic idea of her being trained to be a star.  But that training included some more hardcore stuff, and this was her first time doing it 'solo'.  To be honest, I got halfway through the story before I realized she was wearing playboy stockings.

So I just integrated that into the story... but now that I'm done with it, I think I got some things mixed up in my head.  Playboy had clubs, and the Bunny Ranch is a whore house.  I'm not sure there is an actually Playboy Bunny Ranch.  But oh well.... I still like the basic line of the story.  And to be honest, the image looked pretty good in color, but I wanted to emphasize her stockings, so making it black and white and coloring them in was an obvious choice.

Only now that I look at it... I've designed it in the same way I design my 'Question' post images.  Ah well... I still like it.


  1. Wow, love everything about this caption. The colour scheme of just having the pink and grey... the sexy model, the concept, the situation you create. Love it.

    Hehe, I'm sure if she's upset about the lack of guys that eventually that's a situation that will resolve itself.

  2. That sound like a wonderful place to work, whether it really exists or not ;) That pink bunny serum certainly sounds delightful though.

    I didn't realize the stokings were pink until you pointed it out an I focused a bit, but that's my eyes' fault. You did a great job putting it all together!

  3. There is sooooooo much that I love from this. And you know Caitlyn, those stockings are sending me high to the sky!!! I love this really. Great work! And surely she could miss the guys but send her to me... we can work that backwards!:)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra