Friday, April 13, 2012

A Dare is a Dare

I dare you to NOT want to do this!

So when I finished "I Can't Freaking Win!" I went through my normal process.  Since it was a trade caption, I posted it to Martha's folder at the Haven.  I then returned to my own folder to post a link to it, then went to the gallery to upload it here.  Being done at the Haven, I left the window open, and came back here to make a blog post.  It didn't have a lot to write, so I finished that up fairly quickly.  I was still in the mood to cap, but I went about closing any extra distracting things that I left open.  The first place I went was the Rachel's Haven tab.

But as long as I was there, I quickly checked to see if any threads that I'm a part of have been updated.  I didn't expect to see someone post to "I Can't Freaking Win!" so quickly, but there it was.  A comment from Madcap McGee.  And a nice one!

"Wow, do I love every bit of this one! The only thing better than trying to fix a bad wish with another is trying to fix it with several. Awesome cap!"

I honestly expected to get laughs, and giggles out of the cap, but someone saying that they 'love every bit' of it?  Well needless to say, I was rather happy to hear that.  And it fit in perfectly with my mood to cap.  I had heard good things about Madcap, and he was on my list of people to cap... you know... eventually.

But hey, for a nice comment I'll bump you up to the front of the line.

So naturally I went to read Madcap's preferences.   They were... well, not quite my cup of Tea.  No male genetalia (what are doing Dee, infecting other people with that preference!?), no sex with men, no toys if lesbian sex is used, no strong preference on name (just that both the male and female start with M), and the general feeling throughout the rest of the preferences that he would enjoy being a woman (just not at first).

So... the picture of a woman giving a guy a blowjob with a story about how the guy now in a woman's body is embarrassed and humiliated by this turn of events.... yea, not so much.

But... I am on a kick of making caps outside of my preferences, so I only let it stop me for a moment.  I went looking for images (I actually had a nice BJ pic, but maybe I'll use that later) with a fairly open mind.  About the only pics I was eliminating was sex scenes involving men or toys.

When I came to this image I looked it over and appreciated its lighting.  My intial reaction was to not use it... but really why not?  I wasn't going to find a hard core image that I was interested in, and this really was a stunning photo.  So I stared a little longer (I know, I know.. hard work... cry some moar), and came up with a very flimsy idea.  Guy and girl grow up as friends.  She turns out to be a lesbian.  In college, she dares him to swap bodies and find out who treats their girlfriend better as the opposite gender.

Like I said flimsy... but it was enough to get me writing.  I really enjoyed writing up the little details like their dares, and how they would compare notes.  Their competitive nature just came into play on its own, but I liked it since when you add in their propensity to accept dares, it was a reasonable excuse for him to stay in her body, even though it felt 'wrong' at first.

Now my original design plan was to put the text in a box and use up some of the negative space on the left.  Here is what the original image looked like:

You'll probably notice that I cropped it to be a little shorter.  The space on the left didn't bother me, but the empty space on the bottom did.  Sadly this didn't leave much room for the story. When I initially pasted the text in and got the font to as small as I could stand it, I still had about 2 and a half paragraphs to cut.  After reading the story again, I just didn't see enough things that I was willing to part with.  I considered using a background that would allow me to extend the text box more to the left (ala "Feather Duster Flaunting"), but I wasn't a big fan of that either.  I liked the simplicity of the photo, and wanted the cap to be just as simple.

After futzing around with the story a bit, I realized that I just needed more space.  So I increased the canvas size to the left, copied the made a rough selection of the curtains, copied it and pasted it into a new layer.  I then nudged it over enough to give me space.  It only took a little lining up and a little extra copying of the floor to make it work.  I didn't spend a lot of time on it, as honestly it was just going to be covered up by the text box anyway, and would barely be visible.

Thankfully that gave me the space I needed. In fact I had to add a little to the last paragraph to make the last line not just be "worth it!".

Now you've heard me bemoan this before, but this is the first time I've capped Madcap, so I don't know how this will go over.  I'm hoping I hit a few buttons of his, but I'll just have to wait and see. Ironically while he commented to "I Can't Freaking Win!" only eight minutes after it was posted, he hasn't commented to this even though its now been almost an hour.


  1. You're on a roll today! I've been enjoying seeing your work and more interestingly reading about how it all came together. It's like having the DVD and the extra commentary! Great stuff.

    The caption is hawt by the way. Such a naughty thing to do getting her nipples pierced, but then.. as she says a dare is a dare!

  2. You are cranking them out today! I am so happy to see you inspired and getting it out onto the "canvas" so to speak!

  3. Okay, wow. Evie hit the nail on the head with this one. " It's like having the DVD and the extra commentary!"

    Being able to read a kind-of Behind-the-Scenes to a cap is awesome on its own. You never really get to see how other caption authors work, the process involved. All you usually get is the end product.

    But then to have it be about a cap you made for me... It's almost too much for me to take.

    The effort you put into making this cap was obvious from the start. From the image choice to the story to the layout, I could tell that you didn't simply change the names in Generic Cap #436 that you had laying around (Not that I think you do that with any of your captions!).

    But still, to see it all spelled out like this is both flattering and humbling. And, I know I said this on the Haven, but I absolutely adore what you came up with for me. Thank you so much!