Thursday, April 5, 2012

Drunk Ramblings

Beware of what your buds talk about over some Buds.

I've been meaning to cap Courtney at the Haven (as I found out in a comment from Dee, not this Courtney) for quite some time.  I've made her a few caps before, but the last one was way back in September of 2010 (and for those counting, yes that predates this blog).

I'm not really sure why, but I always associate Courntey with clean and funny.  Now her preferences list that she likes ratings all the way up to NC-17 (which for me means up to X), but she also doesn't like nudity.  To me, that means don't show any sex act in the picture, but talk about it in the story all you want.  I don't know how my mind got around to making that a completely clean cap though.  One of the caps I did make for her hinted at an X rating, but wasn't really explicit.  And Courtney's response to it really stuck with me:

*stares at picture...  tries to read caption but turns back to stare at the picture... attempts to read caption again but eyes are glued to picture... eeeps a bit at picture...*  Ummm... there might be like, words and junk next to this dreamy picture, but... welll ummm... I'll get to them soon.... ummm.... I mean... have you seen this picture of me???

So she liked the sexy picture.  So when I put all of that together today I ended up wanting to make Courtney a clean, sexy, and funny cap.  First things first... get a pic.  Honestly my search methods aren't geared up for finding women fully clothed.  Luckily most good porn sets start with a pic or two of the women fully dressed, and so I still used Fuskator. I came across an image set that were all of this woman (I take it that she's a model of some sort, but I don't know her name).  Almost all of the photos were done very artistically.   And when I saw this one... well she's beautiful, fully clothed, had a fun expression, and the fact that she's talking on the phone got me an idea.

My first idea was far simpler.  A guy walks up to the kiosk I write about in "Girls Don't Kiss Each Other", and comments on how his friend would pick out a pink phone because it was stylish.  He ends up buying it for his friend and calls him to tell him about it.

But as I was writing, I realized a few problems.  Why would the gypsy fortune teller cell phone saleswoman make him a woman just because his friend says he would want a pink phone.  Even in my tg fantasy world, that seemed a little thin.  It also didn't seem reasonable that this buddy would just tell the kiosk woman about what his friend would be like if he were a girl.

So I ditched the kiosk gypsy, and started over.  I wrote up most of the story here, and figured I would leave it up in the air as to how Erik got transformed (wandering genie, wishing fairy... whatever you wanted to fill in the blank).  But that just didn't feel satisfying.  Hell... when I read it, it wasn't clear that the person in the picture was Courtney/Erk at all.  Sure, the people reading this blog in general, and this cap in particular would probably get it, but it still was just wrong in my eyes.

As I had written this up as kinda funny, I went back to thinking about the kiosk gypsy fortune teller cell phone saleswoman and laundry worker.  I don't know why, but she strikes me as VERY funny.  Even if you hadn't read Girls Dont' Kiss Each Other, she is still funny.  So I snuck in the last paragraph, and edited the beginning a bit (I had them at a generic bar, and needed them to be at the mall... so Applebee's it is!).

I don't think its my best effort.  As I mentioned in my last question post, clean just isn't where my creativity sits.  But I do think I hit my goals of clean, sexy, and funny.  And I'll go ahead and call that a success!


  1. She certainly is very sexy! The story is funny too, I couldn't help but chuckle at the ending

  2. The Courtney you linked to in this blog post is NOT the Courtney you created this for.

    The Courtney you created this for is the Courtney that is one of the admins for Rachel's Haven and a really good friend of mine. We both have a love of vintage computers and gaming systems. She hasn't been around much due to real life intruding big time.

    The Courtney you linked to is SororityCourtney on the Haven which I think was KrisKristee originally (if I remember correctly, since I was the one that changed her name.) I don't know her really though she seems cool enough to hang out with!

    Neither one really likes nudity, though I think both will use it for return captions if requested. SororityCourtney has started making a few nakie captions on her blog.

    This caption is very cute though and I'm sure that Courtney will love it when she gets around to seeing it.

  3. Wait... what is that on my face? Is that pie? Sorry about the mix up Courtneys. I'll edit the post to clear that up a bit. And as for a return, bah... I intended it for Courtney at the Haven.

    1. I liked this as well. It was very cute!

  4. Hah hah hah never laughed sooooo much from reading a cap

    Well done Caitlyn, you made my gloomy day a bright one :) (some bad news on TV from my country and politics and such... nevermind)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: If it serves, this is more or less, what I try to envision with my recently created persona Calliope. I know you will try it so that's why I keep creating them, to amuse your mind! ;) No I'm just joking. I think this one attunes more with how I live my life :)