Sunday, April 1, 2012

Employment... Plus Bonuses

Its all about the bonuses!

So Angel made me a great wedding cap over at the Haven.  Sadly since 'coming back' I've had some trouble writing.  I guess I should have expected this.  Not only does this match up when I had dry spells the past few years, but I'm also still upset about failing that damned test.  But I hate having a debt, so I kept trying.  The problem really was that when I saw a good photo I could come up with a basic story, but just couldn't get the details out.  When I forced myself to write, it came out very flat.

I even tried to make a cap just for the blog... but it didn't seem to matter if I was considering Angel's preferences or not.  It just didn't happy.

A couple days ago I got a basic idea without looking at images.  Basically it a guy gets a job as 'eye candy'.  Female eye candy.  He only had to sit out in his sexy body and let men watch him.  But as he watched other girls getting more money by changing their bodies and having sex, he was getting more and more ready to give it a try.  The beauty of this is that all I needed was a picture of a beautiful woman in a lavish setting.  I pictured a pool or beach, but it could just as easily be inside.

I tried writing it out, but beyond a few cool lines, it wasn't that good.  I talked it over with Jennifer, but as she gave me several very good ideas, I realized it wasn't a lack of ideas... it was a lack of creative energy.  So I deleted what I had, and let it simmer in the back of my head.

Come to this afternoon, and I realized that I was feeling fairly cappy.  I even played with the idea it to see if I could match it up to Angel's preferences.  At first I figured it wouldn't work for her... but then I remember in her preferences that Angel says she likes well told stories.  That's a blessing and a curse.  I mean really.. how often do you come across a 'new' idea?  But I don't recalled one like this before, so I figured if I could write it well enough, that Angel would like it.

I started by looking for an image.  Here is the one I started with:

I really liked the look on her face.  To me it was as if she was contemplating doing more.  It also could be used at any point... pre breasts, post breasts, post complete change.   So I started to write.  At first it was hard going, and I figured I was destined to let it go again... but at one point, I realized I had written a first paragraph that really worked.  And the next paragraph was coming along nicely.  I'm not going to say that this cap flowed easily, but I kept getting good material.   Good enough in fact that I needed more pictures!

Sadly the image set here didn't have any other images that would work with the story.  So before I finished writing, I went back to fuskator to look for something that would work.  I knew I wanted to have the blow job scene, so I narrowed the search down to 'blonde blowjob'.  It only gave me three pages of results, but I promised myself that if I couldn't find it in these three page that I would just edit it down and make it work with just one frame.  

The second to last series it brought up was the one I ended up using.  I don't think its perfect, but it matches what I had written, but its close enough.  I finished up the story, and it only took a few small edits to make it fit perfectly into the three panels. 

But now that I've posted it over at the Haven, and am finishing this write up... I'm not sure I should have given this to Angel.  To me, it doesn't fit her preferences good enough.  Sure, its a fairly unique story but Angel didn't say she wanted unique... she said she wanted a well told story.  


  1. I think the story is told beautifully. The idea is so tantalizing too! Definitely not something I've come across before.

  2. This is an amazing and most wonderful story! How i wanted to just be like Angel... Most intense!

  3. You're stories are ALWAYS well written, especially when compared to my own. Never hesitate to give me a caption, I always enjoy your work. Getting a cap from you makes my day a little bit brighter.