Monday, April 16, 2012

[Question] Ready for another challenge? (And a question from me to YOU)

Another Challenge?  YAY!
Ready for another challenge? How about a nice erotic cosplay caption this time? Make it really sexy and naughty

Erotic?  Sexy?  Naughty?  Cosplay (meaning costumes or even 'Masks')?  Yea... I think you have my interest!

This question/challenge comes in at a perfect time.  I have been producing a lot of work recently, but this past weekend I got three caps that require a return over at the Haven.   I owe Angel, Realfield, and Evie each a caption.

Now I normally wouldn't combine a challenge cap with a return, but this type of cap would be right up Angel's proverbial alley. And as I'm feeling rather cappy, I'm going to jump into this right now.  Of course my success in this is completely dependent on finding the right picture.

Well that didn't take long.  I have the challenge cap up right over here!

As for the question from me... I've had something on my mind for awhile now and would love to hear from you:

How do you feel about my use of labels on this blog?  Right now I have the following labels:

  • Anal
  • Behind The Layers
  • Blow Job
  • Body Suit
  • Bondage
  • Clean
  • Cross Dressing
  • Forced
  • Great Shift
  • Hypnosis
  • Magic
  • Maid
  • Partial
  • Pregnant
  • Question
  • Shemale
  • Sweet
  • Technology
  • The Technologist
Now some of these labels I actually use myself like 'Question' and 'The Technologist'.  When I want to find a particular post, these help me do it.  Some I put on a single post (like 'Behind the Layers' and 'Partial'), but never continued using the idea behind them.  

The rest are simply descriptions of whats happening in the cap.  The idea was to help identify the cap, and help people find similar ones.  But I find a lot of the terms to be fairly broad.  Like 'Forced' for example.  Almost all of my caps are 'forced', but is that descriptive enough when its used that often?  Should I break it down into more specific situations like 'Tricked', 'Blackmail', and 'Dom/sub'?  

I've broken down some of them (Like 'Body Suit' could easily go into 'Technology'), but haven't broken them down completely (Nano bots, auto closets, TG raygun's would all be part of Technology, while Curse, Genie, wizard, SrU, would all be part of Magic)

And I still leave some broad categories completely out.  Like I have 'Cross Dressing' and 'Shemale', but I don't have the other side of that.... Total Transformation.  I list 'Anal' and 'Blow Job' but I don't mention traditional vaginal sex.  I have 'Clean', but I don't list dirty.  

I used to list the labels as a widget on the side, but when I looked into it, it seemed that no one was using it.  And when I removed it, I didn't hear one bit of complaint.  Some categories that I utilize (like 'Question' and 'The Technologist') will always stay, but I'm wondering if I need any of the other labels at all.  

I figure some people that are here just to look at the caps and do nothing else might utilize these labels, but if they can't speak up and voice their opinion I don't see why I should care about it.  I know that these 'question' caps aren't viewed that often, but I also know that the people that I care most about... the people that leave comments and actually read the posts... DO read it.  And those are the opinions I care about.  

So I guess I'm considering one of two options.  Drop all of the labels except for a small handful, or expand upon the labels so that they more properly identify the caps.  Which do you prefer I do (or do you prefer that I just keep the status quo)?  And if you choose the expansion, what categories should I add?


  1. Can you do it like Simone where you have a "if you liked this caption, check out ..."

    I never use labels in others blogs when I visit because I tend to view things chronologically in reverse, from most recent backwards. Usually after 10-12 posts, you can get a good idea what is inside the blog that way.

    Perhaps I should be checking out the Label thing in others, but I'm always afraid I'll miss something good if I search things out that way.

    On my blog, I do it mostly for others, and sort of a counting tool. If someone says, "You haven't posted a pregnancy caption in awhile!" I can search and say, "But I've done X captions with that, and the last one was only Y months ago!" I still have a few months I haven't labeled, but with the blogger updates, I should be able to go through them on a boring, quiet day at work (meaning sometime in July!)

    Looking at the side there .. sheesh, I'm a talkative nelly, aren't I?

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by the "if you liked this caption check out..." I looked at Simone's blog and don't see something like that (although I think I remember it from her old layout).

      About the only time I use labels on a blog is when I don't like the over all writing or style, but they hit a particular fetish well. I then just want to focus on those caps that meet that requirement.

      Heh... you're always welcome to be talkative!

  2. Hmmm... well labels certainly can help people find some of your older posts that are similar to particular posts they like. I think the way you have things organized works pretty well. If you decide you want to add label categories, it might take a while for you to go through and tag each post.

    I'm not sure if there's a way to find all the posts without a certain label. If there is you could theoretically find all the dirty captions for looking for "not clean" captions. I really haven't payed around with blogger enough to see what it can do in that area.

    umm. So in short, I think your labels work fine how they are. If you want to change them, then its certainly up to you.

  3. I have a similar problem to you in that some of my labels seem redundant as they describe things that pretty much happen in all my caps. Having said that, for certain specific captions, such as a type you don't do as often, I suppose having the tag is useful as it allows you to quickly filter everything down. If somebody is quickly looking for a hot caption they read a while ago and can't remember the month, I guess it can be useful too.

    Ultimately if you're remembering to tag things appropriately then the system should work and be helpful. You have a good list of tags and it's easy to find the things you want, so I wouldn't worry.

    I suppose the other good thing about tags is that before someone reads a caption, it gives them a quick sneak peek as to what sort of caption they are about to read.

    1. I see your point. The tags could be used by someone to help find an old cap that they forgot. I wouldn't use it this way, as I remember most of my caps (but that's easy to say now... I've only done just over 200).

      I think for that to be useful though, I'll have to put the labels back up on the side. Otherwise if someone is searching for a 'bodyswap' caption, they'll have to first scroll through and find one, then use it's link to search for others.

  4. I mostly use tags for my own benefit. I like having a quick way to see how many captions I have in various topics. It also comes in handy with writer's block as I can easily see what themes I haven't done in a while to get some inspiration.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of having too many categories as I feel it kind of defeats the point of grouping at all. It looks like you've got a pretty solid list of topics already, so unless there's anything others like "Questions" or "The Technologist" that you want to add for your own personal use, I'd say stick with what's working.

  5. I'm an utterly disaster when coming to labelling, so I just keep it simple, most of the time. To concepts, rather than things appearing. Although most of them dives into Latex... really it wouldn't be an Alectra site if not for that... Whenever I have a new interest, I try to put it with its respective label!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  6. An alternate title to this post could be "Why Angel is not allowed near a computer while drinking", because it seems that after that first half gallon of rum I always end up posting some weird challenge or question on your blog.

    Still I'm glad you didn't mind too much and was able to run with it. I'll be headed over to read it next.

    1. Hey, as far as I'm concerned, you can sent me a question or challenge any time. Your drunk ones are particularly fun and take me in a direction that I'm happy to go in, but hadn't considered before. If I could just ask one thing... don't do it anonymously. Add your name!

    2. But if I do it anonomously it means I can deny that it was me, should I manage to come up with someone too bizarre...

  7. I appreciate everyone chiming in. From what I've heard, I guess I'll leave well enough alone. I will add the labels to the side, so that if someone wants to use them, it will be there for them. I think when I took that feature away, I only had just over 100 caps, so maybe it will be more used now.

    Anyway, thank you for offering all the opinions. It really helped me out!