Sunday, April 1, 2012

Make Up Your Mind Quickly

You never know how much time you have!

So it wasn't long after I posted "Employment... Plus Bonuses" to the Haven that Dani commented on it.  And for some reason I found her comment oddly touching.  She wrote:

"very sensual well written hot series Caitlyn!!!  Always have been a big fan of your work!!"

I've had nice comments before, and maybe this was just the mindset I was in, but this really touched me.  As I hadn't capped Dani in a while (and not since she changed her username from Davewashere25 to Dani Colorado (what a sweet name!)), I decided the best way I could express my thanks was to make a cap for her.

Now if I was at my best, I would hold off a day and try to make something really good.  But as I mentioned in my last post, I haven't been feeling that creative, and wasn't sure if this capping bug would last.  So I quickly found an image that I thought Dani would like (I always picture her as more of a 'girl next door' rather than a buxom porn star), and double checked her preferences.  Now normally I check the preferences so that I can make sure my idea will work... but this time I was looking for more direct inspiration.

The relevant parts that I read were:

" the thought of tiny, weak, helplessness... slave to my body knowing who I was but horrified I can't get back yet loving it at the same time... Horrified by the most feminine things like getting wet... like sex or cum making it permanent... humiliation like letting someone know who you are and showing them what you have become..."

With the images I had, I quickly wrote out this story.  As you can see, it basically takes some things verbatim from her preferences.   So in that way I'm sure its not 'new' to Dani, but I hope I took her preferences out for a new spin.

I briefly considered cropping the images, as initially I didn't see any reason to have one almost straight on, and the other tilted (plus it makes placing the title in the same place almost impossible!).  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it inadvertently went with the story.  The first panel is (on the surface) straight forward, while the other one is a little more twisted.

So I decided to keep it as is.  I think for a 'quick' cap that this is pretty good.  If I had taken more time, it might have ended up with a lot more text that would have bogged it down.  As is I think that may have been the wrong way to go... so I'm happy with it!

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