Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sissy Cream

A good girl always laps up her cream!

I was in the mood to cap, but was afraid that the mouse problems I talked about the other day would hinder my efforts. I didn't want to start making a 'good' cap and get frustrated and not finish it, so I figured I would just make a quick test cap.  Sadly that was proven true.  I can still make a cap, but the less I have to 'click' the easier its going to be.  Even with this simpler design which should take me all of 5 to 10 minutes (once I have the story written), took me almost a half hour.

I know I owe realfield and Evie both caps, but I'm afraid they are going to have to wait until my new mouse is shipped to me.

Oh, and so long as I'm making a post, I should let you know.  I moved my 'pages' up to the top of the blog, just under the header.  This should make the information on the side a little less cluttered.  The main reason I hadn't done this before was with only two pages (Cap and Copyright), I felt it was just silly looking up there.  But since I've recently added my 'Questions' page, and now today added my 'Behind The Mask' page, I think they 'fit' up there better.  I still have room for one or two more pages, but I'm not in a rush to fill them up, just to have something there.


  1. I hope that your new mouse works out well when it arrives. I know that it's not as advanced as your normal captions, but I think the picture and story make a purrfect combination!

  2. So the source of your power is your awesome mouse!!! Nahhh just kidding ;P

    I like the idea of sissy cream, turning you each day more into Caitlyn and accepting yourself.

    Hopes you have your Mjolnir back with you soon... Yeah Avengers are coming this week, so I'm building up some major jokes :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra