Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Dish Best Served Cold

with a side of humiliation!

So this is just a quicky.  I've started two caps that I believe will have more bite and be more enjoyable, but I keep fumbling the ball on the one yard line.  The story just doesn't click, or it's too long, or it's too short.   I want to get them done, but just can't seem to do it.  So... instead of taking another swing, I thought I'd make something quick and fun as a palate cleanser.  I looked for an image and took the first story that hit me... no matter how used and unoriginal. This set of images got me thinking of a revenge gone horribly wrong.

And as it turns out... it's at least a little fun.  I'm not sure how much of the story comes through since I stopped writing as soon as I wrote the last word.  I didn't let myself get bogged down in editing or trying to figure out if I had made the point obvious enough.  If I did... excellent   If I didn't... oh well.  At least I put something out this week, and will hopefully get me going for something later.


Oh... and one last thing.  Leeanne spotted a masked photo and sent it over to me.  I fell in love with it, and I think it made a pretty good Header image.  since I'm now sporting about 19 headers, you might not catch it quickly, so I thought I'd both give her a public 'Thank You' and throw it in here for you all to see:


  1. I've always said revenge is a dish best served lightly braised on one side, with a topping of whipped cream. I mean really, cold revenge just doesn't have the same flavor to it.

    This is definitely one of the ones right up my alley. The sort of silly twist that could have been pulled right out of my mind, combined with your own stylistic talent makes this one quite fun. It is a good example of how not every caption needs to be complex, or extremely detailed.

    It may not be "epic", but it is fun.

  2. I think this is the dirt of revenge s guy could find a way to accept and enjoy

    I love your banner concept. It truly is my all-time favorite, so I feel honored that you like my taste enough to use one I find.



  3. I could literally HEAR the rimshot at the end! Which of course, means its definitely a good quickie caption!

  4. Interesting! Certainly a fun litle cap and what a way to get his friend back! I'm sure they'll be talking about this prank for years to come!