Friday, February 1, 2013

Monthly Report - January 2013

Serving up 115,015/159,720 Page Views
So January was a pretty good month for me.  I had more page views than ever since July of 2012 when I had just a touch over 122k page views.  I started work on writing a full fledged story and put up another blog to detail that (Caitlyn's Musings).  I made 13 caps including one for the upcoming issue of the Haven Quarterly. I celebrated getting my 300th friend (follower), and wrote up a post about how I consider my own caps.  Overall I had 17 posts.

It's certainly not as busy as I was in April of 2012 when I made 36 posts and had over 166k page views, but not bad at all.  I do still struggle with being Caitlyn at times, but I can better bring her up when I want to cap. I'm also not letting it bother me when I CAN'T cap... which seems to lessen the stress and let's me cap more easily later.

Anyway... here's the numbers:

  • Total Page Views: 115,015/159,720
  • Total Visits: 33,239 (Averaging 4.81 views per visit)
  • 28,814 Visits were from referals
    • 5,476 from
    • 1,903  from Smitty's TG Caps
    • 1,863  from
    • 850  from Rauk22 Captions
    • 763 from
  • 2,822 Visits were direct traffic
  • 1,603 found their way here via search
The search terms that brought the most people in include:  tg captions, caitlyn's masks, sissy caps, and fuskator.

This month's highest viewed caps were:

I'm actually surprised at the numbers LtSL: Lip Gloss got.   Out of the eight LtSL caps I've made, it's already the third most popular.  Only LtSL: Collaring (3,727 page  views) and LtSL: Introductions (3,633 page views) received more.  And those are both ten months old.  Beyond Lip Gloss, the most recent LtSL cap (Friends) has only received 1,419 page views.  I guess I'm just getting more of a 'sissy' audience.  That actually tracks with the increase in the 'sissy caps' search results.  

I'm also happy to see that "What do you see?" got so many page views as I really enjoy making the Kinetic Text caps.  I even added "Kinetic Text" as a label  so it's a little easier to find them.  A couple other caps worth mentioning are:

  • Happiness Found - 2,475
    • I do enjoy this cap, but I'm really more proud of the story that I made first.   The cap to me will always feel a little chopped up since I had to edit so much out, but the design for it is quite stunning if I do say so myself. 
  • Virtuous Sins - 2,058
    • I'm proud of this one more because it came out as I had intended, rather than it's overall quality.  People seemed to really like the design and layout of it, even though I don't agree. 
Something I've noticed about my overall page views this month is that individual caps are actually trending down in page views, while the blog is still trending up.  There seems to be more caps viewed each month even though the newest and most popular ones are viewed a little less.  The only thing I can think of is that with more and more friends (followers), I am getting more views after my page sinks lower on the World of TG list.

To better explain:  For a long time now, this blog has been listed on World of TG's blog list.  They list just about every TG capping blog out there.  When I make a new post, my blog shoots up to the top of their list. People who go there searching for newly updated cap blogs click through and view my content.  World of TG has provided me with just over 100,000 visitors (out of my grand total of 700,000 visitors).  They almost double all direct traffic and more than double the visitors from the next referring site (Smitty's blog at over 43,000 visitors).   But when other TG blogs post new content, my blog slips further and further down their list, gaining me less and less visitors.  

So the only thing I can think of that would make up the difference is the number of followers/friends.  

Now, as I look forward to next month I'm not sure what to expect.  On one hand, February in both 2011 and 2012 were high watermarks.    Each one was my highest viewed month up to that time.   So if that trend continues, I should hit over 166,000 page views (beating last Aprils page view count).  But then again I'm also splitting my time up with writing out a longer story over at Caitlyn's Musings.  I'm almost ready to start, and once I get going I can easily picture that taking away a lot of my capping time.  

So... who knows how next month will be.  I just hope that I can provide you with something that you enjoy.  And as always, thank you for viewing this and visiting the blog!


  1. What does 115,000/159,000 page views signify?

    1. I use two methods to calculate the number of page views I get. The internal blogger stats, and Google Analytics. Google Analytics is more consistent over a longer period of time and provides a lot more information like visitors and pages per visit, but it also shows more pages viewed than blogger. Since most bloggers only look at the internal blogger stats, I provide that as a reference.

      So precisely that means: I got 115,015 page views in the month of January according to blogger while I received 159,720 page views in the month of January according to Google Analytics.

    2. Do you have an opinion as to what accounts for the significant discrepancy between blogger and analytics? I've noticed it and wondered.

      And by the way, I captured the photo you used on this post just today and was going to email it to you later tonight. I love it! Masks always make me think of you.

    3. I'm afraid I'm not gifted enough in that kind of tech to have even an educated guess. The only information I got from researching it is that they use different methods (although most people complain because they get LESS page views from GA). Here is a link to a blog post about it that gives a better guess:

      And yea... I did really like that image!

  2. Squats got the most views...fancy that? I wonder why ;-)
    Loved that one myself as I did all of this month's caps and looking forward to more.
    Also, thanks for mentioning World of have I gone this long in the capping biz and not known of this one stop shop for all links TG? Wow, I'm overwhelmed here.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. It certainly helps when the first cap I produce in a month is a nice dirty one! Not only is it popular, it has the most time to get views!

      Whoa... you didn't know about World of TG!? I just assumed that everyone was aware... at least those blogging. I'll have to go ahead and post at least a link to them. I don't visit them all that often, but it's something that people should be aware of.